Avène Comfort Spring Water

Dedicated to sensitive skin, this mineral-rich toner features innovative polymerized silicon and colloidal molecular sphere technology that effectively cleanses the skin without disrupting the natural protective barrier, effectively cleansing and soothing sensitive skin, eliminating redness and swelling allergies, and has a refreshing texture without stickiness, making it ideal for summer use.

Orbin Health Water

The most recommended healthy water for acne skin, a collection of thousands of pampering, repeatedly refreshing the Japanese sales list! Containing coix kernel extract, horse chestnut extract essence and a variety of precious plant ingredients, the texture is very refreshing, the use feels cold and cold, super cool, after 1-2 weeks of application, acne is significantly reduced!

The anti-inflammatory and calming effects are fantastic, while also adjusting the skin, promoting circulation and nutrient absorption, and reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is better to use wet compresses in summer, even if the smell is spit like soapy water, but in Japan you can sell a bottle every 13 seconds, which is called Japan’s best lotion.

Mushroom water from the source of the wood

Using herbs as raw materials, the fusion of Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis can replenish a large amount of nutrients to the skin, relieve dryness and sensitivity, and make the overall skin texture more stable.

Flowers can be expected to be pure dew

The moist and refreshing texture is unburdened on the face, and it has a pure rose fragrance, fresh like a morning dew just collected from between the petals, which continuously injects vitality into the skin. It couldn’t be better to use it every day, and apply it all over your face for 3 minutes, just like gurgling and drinking full water. Under the eyes, T-zone, and acne in severe condition are significantly relieved, and the originally dull complexion is also “translucent”. It can be applied as a toner, and can be used as a “water mask” for a long time, drop a few drops when soaking in the bath, and can also make a whole body SPA. Fragile physiological period, pregnancy period, it is also particularly safe and comfortable, worthy of unlimited repurchase!

It’s okay to use up sensitive skin like me, and in the long run, I only feel that my skin is becoming more and more tender and delicate, which is really good! Usually after exposure to the sun, I will use it to soothe and hydrate, spray after exercise to easily replenish moisture, and it is indispensable on the desk, not too convenient!

A lifesaver for sensitive skin! These 5 toners will make your skin “translucent”

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