When decorating, lighting is a very important part, whether it is a chandelier or a desk lamp, the color temperature and color of the light have a decisive role in the atmosphere of the home. I was asked by readers before, can I recommend a few good lamps, and today I will share with you those lamps that are so good looking that they can be used as works of art.

Lindsey chandelier molecular chandelier

Molecular chandeliers can be said to be the Internet celebrities in the lamp industry, and have been at the forefront of fashion for so many years. The golden branches unfold naturally, light and beautiful, not only the appearance is a good decoration, the lighting is very soft and comfortable.

This elegant molecular chandelier was created by American designer Lindsey Adelman. The combination of glass balls and angled brass stands is reminiscent of the trunks of a blossoming cherry tree.

Extremely creative and aesthetically pleasing, with exquisite details, Lindsey Adelman’s lighting is a work of art.

This lamp is very versatile, and the colors are not monotonous, white, blue, gray, etc. Nordic, modern and industrial can be easily controlled. And the bracket and head of the lamp can be freely combined to allow the lamp to stretch the way you want.

Branch chandelier

The branch chandelier is also by Lindsey Adelman. Nordic style, clean and tough lines, simple and versatile. The branches can be rotated freely to satisfy your DIY fun.

This lamp has two small tips:

1. Different number of heads of lamps, suitable for different floor heights. If you want to buy a 20-head lamp, make sure your home is high enough. So buy according to the floor height and room size.

2. The brightness of the light is limited, don’t expect a 6-headed lamp to independently support the lighting of your 20㎡ living room.

Musical instrument chandelier (Beat Light)

The inspiration for the Beat series of chandeliers is very inspirational: British handsome designer Tom Dixon traveled to India, saw that the Indian water container was also fresh, and the cooking basin was also interesting, and the inspiration exploded to design the Beat series of chandeliers.

Tom Dixon

Beat series chandeliers have a postmodern industrial temperament. The lampshade is made of thick brass, and the black exterior contrasts with the warm gold interior.

Restaurants or bars are best suited for such eye-catching lamps, linear or circular perpendicular lighting is very versatile whether used alone or combined into shapes.

Slope Pendant Light

Italian furniture brand Miniforms and Milanese designer Stefan Krivokapic have teamed up to launch the Slope series of lamps. Stefan’s original design was simple, it wanted to wear a “dress” for the bulb. So there is a Slope chandelier with a solid trunk and a colored metal lampshade, which looks like the skirts worn by girls.

The most suitable position for the combination of the three Slope chandeliers is above the dining table, and the gray, white and yellow colors are not obtrusive, but also bring a lively sense of color to the restaurant.

Or hang it in the bedroom, it is also very flavorful!

Modo Chandelier

The magic bean chandelier is produced by Roll & Hill’s household. Roll & Hill sells all designer pieces and is customized. Basically private customization = high price, so this lamp sells for thousands of dollars on the website.

Jason Miller, the designer of the magic bean chandelier, originally grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and was handy for cheap and readily available materials. It’s not bad to look good.

Magic beans are very suitable for the living room, with high appearance, enough brightness, and pomp and cirstance. Nordic, postmodern, industrial and stylistic seem to be experimental, classic and versatile.

Coltrane pendant lamp

Coltrane chandeliers come from Portuguese high-end lighting brand DelightFull, which is the company’s main brand.

In the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the shiny lamps in the overbearing president’s mansion are the medieval deco-style lamps launched by Delightfull, including the Coltrane tableside lamp, the Ike standing lamp and the table lamp Turner.

But their best-selling is the Coltrane chandelier, which has a minimalist and industrial feel inspired by the Middle Ages. Matte black stainless steel exterior, interior matte gold paint, the light is turned on, warm and soft light a few beams, very stylish.

The dim yellow lighting creates an ambiguous and warm atmosphere.

Nordic Minimalist Ball Light (Flos IC LIGHTS)

Flos, a well-known Italian lighting manufacturer, and designer Michael Anastassiades collaborated to launch the IC Lights series of lamps, bringing minimalism to the extreme. The brass-colored stand is noble and bright, and the milky white blown glass ball spreads out a warm yellow glow.

It is very cozy at the head of the bed, and it looks elegant and artistic during the day.

In addition to floor lamps, there are also desk lamps, and the light is also very gentle, such lights can be regarded as out-and-out Internet celebrities.

AJ Series (AJ Lamp)

AJ series lamps are the oldest Nordic style lamps, born in 1957. Danish master Arne Jacobsen designed the AJ table, floor and wall lamp at the Royal Hotel Saas in Copenhagen in 1957, and AJ lamp is one of Arne Jacobsen’s most popular lamps.

The asymmetrical design of the lamp head of AJ series lamps is novel and elegant. It has a lot of character and a lot of colors, especially suitable for Nordic style homes.

It can be placed next to the sofa in the living room as a fill light, or it can be used as a bedside lamp, which has a simple appearance, but it looks particularly advanced.

Frontpage – Louis Poulsen(IKEA)

For example, this Carter 3-head floor lamp design is the most practical is three lamp heads that can be twisted at will, which meet our lighting needs in an all-round way.

And the appearance is also good, compared with other Nordic style lamps, the price is also much closer to the people.

Simithfield lamp

The designer of this lamp is, Jasper Morrison, produced by the Italian company Flos. The material of the lamp is aluminum, and there are three colors: black, white and gray, and there are two types of chandeliers and ceiling lamps.

The price of the original lamp is more than 10,000, and a certain treasure in China can be bought for a few hundred yuan. When buying, it is more important to calculate the size, whether the diameter is 40CM, or 60CM and so on, and various sizes of replicas can be made.

When hanging the lamp, you must not pull the light line too straight, keep it longer, and let it bend a little to feel it.


The Sky Garden lamp is also produced by Flos, designed by Marcel Wanders. The outer walls are also made of aluminum, but the inner walls are in plaster. The original version has two kinds of diameter 60CM and 90CM, and there are many colors, black, white, gold, brown. The original price is tens of thousands, and the biggest feature of this lamp is the delicate and delicate plaster pattern.

Is it a bit industrial for restaurants? But don’t choose too large a size, otherwise it will feel bulky.

Firefly lamp (Heracleum)

A particularly dreamy light. The English name is Heracleum, which translates to “solitary plant”, which probably means that the designer got inspiration from the solitary plant and designed this lamp. I don’t know who gave it to Chinese named Firefly, very graphic. The designer of the lamp is Bertjan Pot and the manufacturer is the Dutch design brand Moooi. Because this lamp shines by LED blades, it is not bright, it is not recommended to use as the main light, if you want to be the main light, the main lighting must come from the auxiliary spotlight or downlight.

This lamp not only looks good when it shines, but also looks good when it does not emit light, and can be placed in a corner of the home as an ornament.

The Serge Mouille Lamp

The duckbill lamp (also known as spider lamp) is a famous modern style lamp by French designer Serge Mouille, which has been popular in the world for decades. There are six- and three-headed chandeliers, as well as wall lamps and floor lamps, because the rods and lamp heads are movable and can be adjusted into variable shapes. The six-headed one can install six bulbs, and the three-headed one can install three, so the lighting can also be guaranteed. When choosing, pay attention to ask the process, the thickness of the lampshade iron, the painting process and whether the steering head is pure copper.

The original size is very large, the price is also expensive, you can find it on a certain treasure, ask for the size in advance.

Can also be used alone as supplementary lighting.

Chrome Bell pendant lamp

The golden bell chandelier comes from Northern Europe, and the product molding time is very early, which can be traced back to the 20~30s of the 20th century. The designer of this golden bell lamp is the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, who is an architect!

If you want to buy, pay attention to the plating level and materials.

‘Beehive’ pendant lamp

This lamp is also the work of Aalto, and the use of cascading circles can be seen to have an architectural feeling.

Until now, the copyright of the honeycomb chandelier still belongs to the Artek company founded by Aalto, and the original price is about 10,000 yuan.

PH series chandeliers

The PH series of chandeliers has been famous for a long time, designed by Danish designer Poul Henningsen, and is one of the masterpieces of Scandinavian (Nordic) design.

The original design is that all light is reflected at least once before reaching the working surface for a soft and uniform illumination. However, in practice, soft light is often not bright enough, so this lamp is generally not used as a living room or bedroom lamp, but in the dining table and living room corner, or multiple together. The most famous of the PH series is the PH 5, followed by the PH 5/3.

Silk lamp

The silk lamp is also from Flos, designed by Italian Achile Castiglioni. There are various shapes, round, oval, lantern-shaped. The basic things we see on a certain treasure are all transformed.

This lampshade is a polymer, and silk can only be seen after being lit. Go to the lamp store, cheap silk lamps are without silk, that feeling is much worse.

Shell lamps

The price of shells and so on is much more intimate, you can hang it in the bedroom, the wind blows from the balcony, and there will be a sound when the shell collides, which is very pleasant.

It can also be used in restaurants, and the editor has seen this kind of lamp used in a homestay before, and the specific choice is still a matter of opinion.

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Today introduced so many Nordic style lamps, is there anything you like? These lights can be found in a certain treasure! What else do you recommend for Nordic style lamps? Share it in the message area!

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