Du Juan is a clear stream of existence in the entertainment industry, no Weibo but has a super good passerby, whether it is on the big screen or on the catwalk, it exudes a sense of premium from the inside out. She and her eldest cousin Liu Wen’s style is similar, with a cold and alienated temperament, her facial features may not be in line with the public’s aesthetics, but her own sense of high-class is unique in the entertainment industry. ▼

Look 1. Silk pajamas

Without Weibo as a communication channel, the cuckoo that is not open is a hidden state in the entertainment industry. Recently, a set of advertising photos of the cuckoo was released, wearing silk pajamas to shoot toiletries advertisements of the cuckoo, the high-grade is simply not like words, making people have the illusion of watching a movie. For women with outstanding temperament, there is no need for costume decoration, the simpler and more extreme. ▼

The advertising shape of the cuckoo is mainly simple, with solid silk clothing and satin textured fabrics faintly reflective. It is obviously an advertising blockbuster, but the focus is on the cuckoo, and there is no sense of violation in dropping the product. Elegant pajama style, the style is cool and simple, whether it is the wearing feeling of the cuckoo or the visual experience of netizens, it can be described as comfortable. ▼

Not all models have a full body, and many supermodels are actually flat-chested. The cuckoo’s body curves are not outstanding, but wearing a cool suspender costume will still make people feel sexy. In fact, some cool fit clothing, plump girls can easily wear sexy, flat-chested girls can wear more high-end sense in the style. ▼

Look 2. European floral dress

Models and actors are as multi-faceted as the actors, and the minimalist pajamas cuckoo wear a cool temperament, and the gorgeous costume cuckoo can also wear a sense of premium. In a set of magazine photos some time ago, wearing a cuckoo shot in a European retro-style shape, eye-catching color exaggerated clothing version, the cuckoo wore an aura of two meters and eight déjà vu. ▼

The European-style retro-style dress is wrapped in layers and tightly, but the use of light fabrics is all soft. Red and floral motifs are spliced on the dress, with black as the main color of the garment, so even if you add a floral pattern, it will not feel tacky. Girls who always dislike the old-fashioned floral skirt, it is better to look at this set of cuckoos. ▼

Makeup is also part of the look, and on a light look, the cuckoo appears with nude makeup. And this set of retro-style styling of the cuckoo, the choice is the big red lip, and the lipstick color is enough to determine the sense of style. Women must have a red lipstick, which can easily enhance the aura for necessary occasions, suitable for all ages. ▼

Look 3. White T-shirt + slip denim skirt

The first two outfits are both business clothes, and Cuckoo’s private clothes are actually much more low-key and simple. Cuckoo, who recently appeared at the airport, appeared in a slip denim skirt with a white T-shirt, without any female star baggage. ▼

The denim element is a fashion that never goes out of style and can be worn all year round, and cuckoos are also common in private clothes. This denim slip dress has a loose fit without any decoration, but the length is also something that short girls dare not wear. ▼

For girls whose body curves are not plump enough, if you are worried that the suspenders will not look good, use a white T-shirt as the base. It can not only modify the body that is not plump enough, but also do not have to worry about the problem of hanging away the light. ▼

Many of the gaps between stars and stars are reflected in temperament, and the cuckoo’s high-end sense is unique in the entertainment industry. Some people are born to fit the big screen, is the cuckoo the temperament you like?

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