Some people like to stick the whole car, and some people like to stick only parts. You can choose the range of the film according to your economic situation. Because the automotive film is attached to different components, it also plays a different role, not limited to the whole vehicle, depending on the personal needs to determine the area of the film.

For automotive glass film, it mainly has the following functions:

1. Anti-ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays are too strong and harmful to our skin. After attaching the glass film, it can block 99% of ultraviolet rays, which is better than the sunscreen we usually use. Especially female car owners, blocking ultraviolet rays, starting with the window film.

2. Heat and sun protection

Usually when we are inside the car, we can feel the heat inside the car, which is caused by the direct irradiation of infrared rays. After attaching a glass explosion-proof film, the film can block a large amount of infrared heat, so our car will not feel so hot. There is one caveat here. That is to say, the car will not be completely hot after the car is applied, and the car film only plays a role in blocking a certain amount of heat, so it is not completely isolated from heat as soon as it is pasted. However, the difference between before and after sticking is still very big, and the air conditioner does not have to be turned on too low to feel so hot after pasting.

3. Safety and explosion-proof

It can effectively prevent accidental glass damage to cause secondary damage to the driver and passengers, and greatly enhance the explosion-proof performance of glass.

4. Private space

After applying the film, you can see the scene outside the car, but it is not easy to see the situation inside and outside the car, so that the inside of the car is a secret small space.

5. Anti-glare

Effectively reduce the danger of glare.

6. Reduce air conditioning damage

Because the car is not hot, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner frequently, which reduces the damage of the air conditioner. The above are some of the advantages after the film, what other benefits do riders know? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss.

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