Good afternoon, babies~

Treasure Girl Hoarding Fungi

It’s online again!

Recently, a baby came to me to protest


I “stolen” her wallet

One ask

It turned out to be hoarders

Amway eats too much

Caused a wallet panic

Well~ I also admit that I have to blame for this

Who called

Hoarders who love to grow grass and save money

It was so fragrant to Amway

But if I were to quit the grass farming world

That’s impossible!

Because I will give you Amway

Those cheap and good things that are not distressed to buy~

The kind that can buy a dozen for 20 pieces!

My treasure

You guys have to pick it up~

Shell Seal Eyebrow Trimmer

Reference price: ¥5/piece

This one is very

Suitable for beginners

Many babies should be familiar with the eyebrow trimming knife, red and blue, blue with protective net design, more suitable for handicapped parties.

Stainless steel material,

Sharp, durable, and not rusty

, repeated for a month or two is still as sharp as ever, and the flagship store is still engaged

The second piece is half price

activities, so evenly spread down as if each one is the same as not wanting money ~

Thai Eight Immortal Tube

Reference price: about ¥4/3ml

Purchase channel: daigou or overseas shopping

Spring is coming soon, mosquitoes, snakes, ants, rhinitis, spring sleepiness and other conditions will appear, don’t worry,

One eight-immortal tube will do it

And our Chinese

The cooling oil is the same

, but Hoard felt that the smell of the Eight Immortal Tube was much better. Both ends can be unscrewed, the short end is liquid peppermint oil (I guess many babies have not discovered this feature), and the other end can be put in the nose and smelled. PS: Also works

Anti-motion sickness


Thai white to remove blackhead aloe vera gel

Reference price: around ¥10

Ingredients containing natural aloe vera deeply wash away dirt at the bottom of pores.

White emulsion-like texture

(If the temperature is below 26 degrees, it is easy to form a fixed gel, so you can soak the bottle in hot water.) The paste is attached to the nose with the given sticker, and it can be torn off after about ten points.

The effect can be seen with the naked eye!

The paste is also very clean and can be emulsified when exposed to water. Babies after using nasal strips

It is recommended to work with shrinking water to shrink pores

to prevent the pores from getting bigger.

Thai powdered powder

Reference price: about ¥10/50g

A real cheap big name, a dozen dollars a bottle of loose powder, used to control oil and set makeup

Not distressed in the slightest

, especially in summer, hair is easy to oil, take an appropriate amount of loose powder on your hands, rub your hair.

The three colors of powder can be selected according to your own situation,

Different color combinations

It is also good to mix and use. Anyway, it only costs a dozen dollars, and buying two bottles really doesn’t bring distress~

Vaseline jelly

Reference price: ¥18.7/50g

Almighty Vaseline

Works from head to toe

In addition to moisturizing the skin as a hand mask and foot mask, it can also be used to remove makeup and grow eyelashes!

When injured, it is applied to the wound to not only avoid infection, but also speed up the healing of the wound. Removing lip lines and dead skin is not a word, obviously

Less than 20 bucks

, how could it be so good.

Watsons Collagen Hand Cream

Reference price: around ¥15/80g

Purchase channel: Watsons

The reputation of the collagen series has always been good, and the new packaging of collagen hand cream is added with Korean red ginseng snail skin essence,

More moisturizing than the old model

Finish. Buy one get one free Watsons at every turn, and this hand cream can be obtained for 10 yuan when you engage in activities.

The amount is large and easy to use, the paste is moisturizing and absorbed, and the smell is good. The second face of the woman on the hand, hand cream is naturally it

It can’t be broken all year round

Don’t think that you can be lazy as soon as winter is over~

Watsons makeup remover wipes

Reference price: ¥20+/pack

Everyone knows the price of Watson’s, what activity price and membership price are at every turn, but the price of this makeup remover wipes has always been friendly,

When it’s low, you can buy 2 packs for 19 yuan

, a pack of 25 tablets. There are two types of mild hyaluronic acid and oil-controlled green tea.

Usually used to remove base makeup, eyebrows, eye makeup is very OK,

Extractive design

It is also super in line with the needs of lazy people, and it can be removed after wiping your face and using facial cleanser.

Ponzi Rice Amino Acid Cleanser

Reference price: ¥18/75g

Changed to a new packaging of moe Ponji rice essence

Moe your face

~ Many facial cleansers on the market are soap-based, although they are clean, they are very hurtful to the skin, and they generally feel tight and dry after washing.

This one uses rice extract

Amino acid facial cleanser

, not only clean washing, but also gentle and low irritation, normal and sensitive skin can be used with confidence~

Biaoting VE milk

Reference price: about ¥10/100ml

Purchase channel: pharmacy/hospital

Universal milk developed by pharmacy experts from Beijing Hospital, the ingredients are safe, natural and non-irritating.

Use it when your skin is unstable!

It has the effect of moisturizing, repairing, antioxidant, antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening and brightening, and removing redness. Just in time for the change of season, the skin is easy to be sensitive in spring,

VE milk is the first choice



Natural Melody Fruit Acid Body Lotion

Reference price: ¥29.5/300g

Is spring still far from summer, and in addition to showing flesh in summer, the most worrying thing is


The problem, especially on the arms, is still not confident even if it is skinny and full of chicken skin.

Now I highly recommend this domestic body milk for babies, imported fruit acid ingredients,

Gently softens keratin

, improve chicken skin has a good effect. Other than that


Ingredients, long-term use has a whitening effect! The last time I hoarded I bought it during an event, and the price was only 19.9!

Half an acre of flower field bitter ginseng to remove mite soap

Reference price: ¥49/2 pieces



Or red and itchy face from time to time, maybe it’s not just simple acne! but

Mites are at work

, plus it is difficult to dry a quilt in rainy weather now, and there are actually a lot of mites on pillowcases, sheets, and towels! So we have a must-have piece

Anti-mite soap

This mite removal soap does not contain sulfur powder, gentle and low irritation, and can be extracted from the plant of Sophora radix

Efficient in mite removal

, inhibit acne recurrence. And after use

Don’t dry and don’t tighten it

, the face is smooth and tender, and it is also very good to eliminate acne on the back ~

Bee flower conditioner

Reference price: ¥9/450ml

Purchase channel: supermarket

Classic domestic products, presumably everyone is familiar with it, at the beginning they should have grown grass from grandma. Last year

Fan Bingbing

The hair care method shared by the lady on the Little Red Book recommended this conditioner, and it is really good to test it for so many years~

In the same steps as ordinary skin care products, the texture of bee flower is refreshing and not very sticky. My favorite thing is after washing

Hair doesn’t get very oily anytime soon

Not only does the hair become supple, but the hair loss is not noticeable.

Actually, in the end

Price is not necessarily a measure of quality

Many cost-effective good things are actually treasures~

Purchase channel: daigou or overseas shopping

Purchase channel: daigou or overseas shopping

Purchase channel: Watsons

Purchase channel: Watsons

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