The fur vest, which combines comfort and chic, has always been a must-have item for hipsters in street photography. Even in the cold winter months, you can’t hide the innate nobility and elegance of the fur vest, the furry body, the soft and sticky feel, the cold and warmth, and you can wear a superior sense of fashion when you easily match it.

1. The luxurious fur vest gives people a noble temperament, the fox hair is smooth and bright, the dark green upper body effect is very amazing, low-key without losing grade, especially temperamental, adding a lot of points to the overall shape. Pair it with a black sweater and harlan pants to make you shine and show off the fashion goddess.

2. Choose imported whole skin fox back hair, the small silhouette is very thin, the irregular design of the front long and short back gives you poor vision, the gouging redundancy under the armpit of the vest, and you can also wear a silhouette large sweater. The color is very excellent pink, which belongs to the color of girls, the shape is versatile, and it is thin and high-temperament.

3, for the belly and hip sister paper, with a vest jacket can be said to be a savior~ wearing a slim sweater alone will show your figure, so the vest can cover your flesh, high-waist woolen pants are warm and high, very solid wear, you can dig deep into a set of matching Oh

4. A fur vest with elegance and nobility, rich fur with high-quality vision, simple shape, and more feminine elegance. Layered over a white crewneck sweater, with leggings and extra-high leather boots, you’ll be slim and outstanding.

5. The simple design of this vest is a classic every year and looks very stylish. With knitted dresses elegant and light luxury, it can give you extra full warmth and reveal a light luxury attitude to life!

6. Sexy V-neck design, simple and versatile, exquisite fox wool, care for every inch of skin, irregular hem, fashionable and trendy warm, loose fit, meticulous waist line, outline beautiful figure, show thin and cover flesh, highlight the intellectual temperament of a lady.

7. This year’s tea fruit green can be described as from spring fire to autumn and winter, the heat has not decreased at all, it is very light and elegant, thin + fashionable! With a simple sweater + leggings, it shows young vitality and full of goddess style.

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