If anything, what is the most comfortable pants to wear

Xiaobian decisively recommends sweatpants

Loose fit and comfortable material

Even it is very comfortable to use as pajama pants

Sweatpants have been a favorite of fashion bloggers in recent years

No more squeezing yourself into your pants for fashion

And sweatpants as a kind of pants regardless of gender

The goddess is stylish to match

The boys are very handsome to match

After the two variety shows “China Has Hip Hop” and “This is Street Dance” were frequently searched, they once again pushed the sports style to the top.

Especially in “This is Street Dance”, many contestants chose sweatpants in order not to be bound by dance movements.

Sweatpants that were once out of fashion are now a matching item for everyone in fashiona.

Therefore, today Xiaobian brings you a fashionable and versatile little gray pants that can never be worn dirty and full of technology.

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30s to understand TA:

1. You can pursue both fashion and comfortable fashion versatile items;

2. Super anti-pollution. Coffee, hot water, soy sauce, yellow mud water, whatever it is, all pants that will not stain;

3. Super soft fabric, very comfortable to use as pajama pants;

4. Waterproof and breathable, people are not raincoat materials.

Ruffle waterproof black tech trousers

Coffee, soy sauce, and soup will leave no traces

It’s a little embarrassing to accidentally eat clothes when eating

It’s more embarrassing than eating and eating clothes

The liquid accidentally drips in an indescribable place

If there are people around, they really want to die on the spot

The mouth that was so embarrassed that he couldn’t tell clearly

No matter what to splash it

None of it leaves a trace

The small gray pants using the second-generation Supai nanotechnology have a 5-level superhydrophobic outer layer on a fabric less than 1 mm thick.

Let the water droplets on the pants be like the surface of the lotus leaf, which will not penetrate the pants at all, so that the liquid will all “roll down”.

As a high-tech product in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Supai’s small gray pants have their own hydrophobic anti-pollution patent number and anti-pollution test report.

Superhydrophobic technology is generally used in ocean ferries and oil pipeline transportation.

More recently, superhydrophobic technology is used on microsyringes to prevent contamination of needles.

The anti-pollution ability under the technology is self-evident.

However, just saying how boring, of course, Xiaobian tried a series of tests for everyone~

Here are your test results, please check ~

R-rated player: A heavy rain

On rainy days, there is always a group of people who like to drive the car fast, if they walk on the side of the road, it is inevitable that they will be watered by the rain. Even if you have an umbrella in your hand, you can block your head and not care about your legs.

Wearing wet and cold pants, if you don’t change them in time, they will slowly become


Our super-hydrophobic little gray pants are not afraid of these heavy rains. Even if it is flushed under the faucet, the water droplets do not penetrate into the pants at all.

Even if someone drives past you in a fast car in the heavy rain, shake your trouser leg without leaving a drop of water. It’s that elegant.

SR Player:


Clear water can casually flow down your pants, but what about a coke with carbonated carbon? It’s not even a problem.

It will only leave a mark of lost bubbles, wipe it gently with paper, and it will be clean.

Gently I walked, just as I came gently, shaking my pants without leaving a trace.

SR Player: Super Espresso

The coffee is delicious, but the coffee dripping on the pants is terrible. Not to mention how strong the coloring ability of coffee is, it is on the pants


Then a piece is also hin embarrassment.

Let’s try the super hydrophobic little gray pants~

The super strong coffee was poured on the pants, it did not stay at all, it all flowed, and even the coffee print was not left.

SR Players:

Extremely delicious

The easiest thing to get your pants dirty every day is the rain and mud, and when I was a child, my mother beat me because I rolled into mud and came home.

Try yellow mud water?

Ketchup is also the number one sworn enemy of clothes and pants, and the lycopene in it can quickly penetrate into the fabric, but the plain little gray pants will definitely not.

Even if your pants are stained with ketchup, they can be cleaned with water.

Boiled fish, boiled meat slices, hot pot, hairy blood, spicy hot, really delicious, soup accidentally dripping on your pants is really bad.

This time, change into a pair of pants that don’t stain soup at all. Falling on the pants does not stay at all.

When the oil meets the pants, it instantly condenses into oil cubes, which can be wiped clean with paper, and will not penetrate into the pants at all~

What if the little gray pants that are not dirty are stuck with something as difficult to wash as mud?

Even if it’s just water, you can wash it clean with a little rubbing twice~

The small gray pants that are not dirty are not only easy to wash, but also a quick-drying model.

Compared to other sweatpants, the lighter material allows it to dry in a very short time.

Mobile: 258g

The fit is soft and comfortable

The fabric is also wrinkle resistant

Attention to detail

In order to achieve a comprehensive waterproof achievement, the zipper of the non-dirty little gray pants is also reversed to prevent water from entering as much as possible.

I don’t know what size is better to buy for such a loose fit? Here is a try-on report, dedicated by both hands.

Waterproof pants prevent old cold legs

Life is so hard, if you can wash one less, you will wash one less

Little gray pants that never get dirty

Original price: 296 yuan

Waterproof and anti-fouling price:




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