Take a look at the little apple buns that you can make, I think no one doesn’t love it! Today, we’ll plate it ~~

By Han Muzi yyy


White dough: 120 grams of flour

8 g sugar

60 g water

Corn oil 5 g

Yeast 1 g.

Green dough: 18 grams of flour

2g matcha powder

Water 10 g

Surface decoration: red yeast powder 1 g

8 g water

250g bean paste

Practical steps

1. Put all the ingredients in the white dough into the Hai’s M5 Light Sound Chef Machine, select the “Harmony Noodles” mode, and mix the dough at low speed first.

2: Turn on 4 more gears and beat the dough for 15 minutes until the dough is smooth.

3. Divide into 10 small doses.

4. Wrap in bean paste filling and close the reunion

5. Use chopsticks to press a hole in the top.

6. Brush with red yeast powder. After all the ingredients in the green dough are mixed and kneaded well, roll into long strips, make a handle of small apples, and place them on the small apple dough.

7. After fermentation, put it in the steamer and steam for 25 minutes.

8. I didn’t expect this chef machine to whip the dough so powerfully, S-shaped and noodle hook and noodles have no dead ends, and the kneading efficiency is high.

9. Let me make pasta more time-saving and labor-saving.

10. Looking at the finished little apple is in a good mood instantly.

11. I already unconsciously like to use it to make pasta, it is really convenient and easy to use.

There are skills in cooking deliciously, each of my dishes has a little trick, everyone can search for “bean fruit” to directly view my recipes!

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