Recently, the menacing of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has made epidemic prevention materials across China represented by Wuhan urgent. In order to help alleviate the shortage of medical supplies, Omron China, which is concerned about the epidemic, took the lead in prioritizing the first batch of infrared frontal thermometers to be supplied to Jointown, the largest local pharmaceutical platform in Wuhan, before the Spring Festival in 2020. The Jointown platform will fulfill its cooperation commitment with OMRON China and donate products to local medical institutions, schools and other public institutions in Wuhan as soon as possible. This operation will ensure that medical supplies reach the frontline of the affected areas in a timely manner with the most rapid operational response and the most flexible supply channels.

Omron China, which pays close attention to the spread of the epidemic, has recently made additional donations following the Wuhan donation action, urgently linked with employees to inventory overnight, and donated the remaining 1,000 infrared frontal thermometers to the Shanghai and Dalian municipal governments, hoping to provide practical help to front-line medical and epidemic prevention workers and patients in the epidemic prevention and control zones of the two places. The material is currently on its way.

Omron China said that since the development of the epidemic, Omron China has always paid attention to the progress of epidemic relief and material support calls in various places. In the face of the surge in demand for thermometers, nebulizers and other medical devices in various places, OMRON China also quickly issued internal tasks at the first time, prepared for corresponding production increase, and contributed to the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic as much as possible.

If one side is in difficulty, the eight sides support; Together, we will tide over the difficulties. OMRON China will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation and respond with action as soon as possible, believing that with the help and concerted efforts of the people of the whole country, we will be able to defeat this new coronary pneumonia prevention and control war!

Source: China Quality News Network

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