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The integrated stove in the kitchen’s “new favorite” is one of them

, and with the improvement of the quality of life in recent years, more and more people are paying attention to this new kitchen appliance.

And for the integrated stove, some say it is

“Chicken ribs”, “IQ tax”

; But someone said after using it,

Very easy to use

, much more convenient to use than the traditional split stove.

To this end, this issue of content talks about decoration as a professional identity of a home blogger, as an ordinary “house cooker” who has been cooking for many years, to share my real feelings in the more than 2 years of using the integrated stove, share its advantages and shortcomings, and make it possible true and objective, giving you a more reasonable reference.

About the integrated hob

The integrated stove is actually composed of a roof, a stove, a disinfection cabinet, a steamer, a storage cabinet, a smoke collection chamber, a wind wheel, a motor, etc

。 The product integrates several electrical appliances in the kitchen, including range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, baskets, steamers, ovens, dishwashers, etc., according to different functional combinations, to create different types of integrated stoves.

Senge, Martian, Meida, Yitian, Desiman, Shuaifeng, Okuda, Wanshi Xing, Kitchen Yitang, Pusen, Big Dipper, Midea, Fire King, Golden Emperor, Meiduo, Payne, Hisense, TCL, Haier, Millennium Kitchen Treasure….

(The above only lists some integrated stove brands, the ranking is in no particular order, just free dedication to everyone as a selection reference, not on the list of brands does not mean bad, because there are too many brands not listed)

According to the current sales volume and quality of integrated stoves, it can be divided into first, second and third-line brands:

1. First-line reliable brand




Fire King


2. Second and third line reliable brands

Kitchen Hall




Millennium Chef

What are the advantages of an integrated cooker after 2 years of experience?

For the integrated stove, in more than 2 years of use, the feeling is the most obvious

Less smoke, easy to use, especially the function of the integrated stove is really very suitable for “home cooks” to use.

First of all, when the integrated stove is purchased, the merchant says that it can absorb 95% of the oil smoke.

In these 2 years of use, the performance of smoke absorption is indeed very good, as for whether it can achieve 95% of this is not clear, because there is no professional test tool, can not give accurate data, but the kitchen smoke is obviously much less than the previous split stove, which is also a fact.

Secondly, it is very convenient to use.

The integrated cooktop is an integrated design, as soon as the cooktop is opened,

The function of exhausting oil fumes is automatically turned on.

It is very convenient to use. There is also the integrated function of steamer and bowl rack, which is very in line with the needs of home life, in short, it is very convenient to use.

Finally, it is very classy.

Every time the family comes to friends and relatives, they will praise and say that the grade is high. Every time I hear this, I am also very happy in my heart, after all, this is also an affirmation that belongs to my wise choice.

Why many people are willing to use integrated stoves

The integrated stove has its own advantages, and naturally it has obvious advantages


, which also led to the low sales until now,

Most people don’t accept it, don’t want to use it.

As for the integrated stove, why don’t you want to use it? According to my own 2 years of use experience and many years of experience of friends around me, the main reasons are as follows:

1. The price is too expensive

The price of integrated stoves is basically between 5,000 and 30,000 yuan, in this area, the 10,000 yuan machine is the most cost-effective, and the deepest user’s preference.

That is, between 10,000 and 15,000 yuan, the sales are the strongest.

And although there are many integrated stoves of 5,000 to 8,000 yuan, the quality is difficult to guarantee in this price range, and it is also a low-end product in the integrated stove, so there are still very few people who buy.

As a kitchen hood and stove, if it is a traditional split stove, most families choose between 1500 and 5000 yuan, and the group smoke stove that can use 5000 yuan is very good, and this price is just for the integrated stove

The starting price, so the price of the integrated stove is very expensive, and most people are reluctant to spend a high price to buy it.

2. The smoking area of the integrated stove has limitations

The integrated stove can achieve a range smoke absorption rate of 95%, but it does not mean that all oil smoke can be removed.

This is because the integrated hob concentrates on absorbing the fumes generated by the stove position, and the effect is very good.

Once the oil smoke is dispersed, then the integrated stove is difficult to exclude, and it can be said that the smoking area is very limited.

In response to this, some users are very obvious, so some users use the integrated stove at the same time.

Install an exhaust fan on the window,

In this way, it can ensure that the oil smoke in the kitchen can be eliminated in time, so that the oil smoke does not disperse.

3. Repair and use problems

Since the integrated stove is an integrated design, in the process of use, if there is a problem with one part, it will be direct

As a result, the entire machine is unusable

, which is very affecting daily life.

The most suspicious thing is that once there is a problem with the integrated stove, not all cities can find the master of integrated stove maintenance, and in some cases

The equipment is returned to the factory for repair

, which brings great trouble to users.

If there is a problem with one part and needs to be repaired, it is likely that other parts will temporarily affect the use. Of course, I haven’t actually encountered it, and I don’t know if it’s a major problem.

4. There is a lot of noise

When the integrated stove is first used, its noise is a little louder than that of the traditional split stove, but this noise is still acceptable.

After two years of use, I will obviously feel the increase in noise, which is my own experience, and in response to this question, I also asked friends around who use integrated stoves, and the answers were all yes

The noise will slowly increase with use.

Wait until the use of a three-four or four newspapers, the sound of the motor motor integrated stove may say


Ah, hearing this noise 365 days a year has a great impact on mood.

5. Product negative information impact

Many people will have the impression of the integrated stove still in the first generation, thinking that after the integrated stove was just launched on the market, the first generation of users who followed the trend soon after use because of the immature technology of the integrated stove, some products occurred

The explosion is still fresh in the memory of many consumers.

Therefore, until now, many people still have great doubts about the safety of integrated stoves.

Don’t trust its security.

Is the integrated cooktop worth buying?

Speaking of which, I believe some people will say, according to your words, the stove is integrated

There are clearly more shortcomings than advantages

, is the integrated stove still worth buying?

Here I want to say whether the integrated stove is worth buying, this is completely

It depends on the actual situation of each family

, there is no unified answer, I can’t give it here, the merchant gives advice too.

To sum it up in a simple sentence: what suits you is the best!

If you want to plan to do it

Open plan kitchen


The integrated hob is perfectly suited

Because its range smoke absorption rate is really better than the traditional split stove, it is very suitable for open kitchen design with high range smoke rate.

If the space in the kitchen is very limited, but there are many appliances to be used, then the integrated stove is a good choice.

Because the space it occupies is basically about 90 cm, but in this small space, the kitchen has a range hood, a stove, a bowl rack, a steamer, and even a consumer cabinet. At the same time, because the traditional range hood is eliminated, the space of the hanging cabinet is maximized, which can be said to indeed increase the storage space and make the small kitchen have larger storage.


If you are worried about the integrated stove

Later maintenance problems, use safety issues, purchase cost problems, then the traditional split smoke stove combination is a very good choice, at this time the integrated stove is not suitable.

Another point is that everyone must not walk in


, that is, the grade of the integrated stove is stronger than the combination of split smoke stoves.

This is because now high-end split smoke stoves are both price, style, appearance, and practicality

None worse than the integrated stove

, can even be said to be better than the cost performance of the integrated stove, so to be realistic to compare, more market comparison is the most realistic.

Finally, let’s talk about the decoration and summarize it for everyone:

Whether the integrated stove is worth buying, whether it is suitable for yourself, this also has its own economic strength, and you can only know by calculating the account. I believe that after reading the article, I believe that everyone knows how to weigh it themselves, and they all know why many people are reluctant to use it!

The above content is original by Changtan decoration, the picture comes from the Internet, infringement is deleted, thank you for reading!

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