At this time, he was taking the last subject of the semester

I’ll go home tomorrow

Because of the last wave of epidemics in Nanjing

School started January late

The holiday was brought forward by a week

Relatively speaking, the semester of three and a half months is relatively short

But for the uncertain outbreak

It seems that there is no safe place when there is no security in the world

At this time, I kind of regretted sending her to school so far away


I wish her all these years in Nanjing

All well-being and joy ~~~


Shop Taobao in one day,

Fancy a sweater,

It’s good-looking but the material is not good,

Asked for his opinion,

Changed the next version,

Increased length,

The collar was changed to a single layer,

The sides were changed to small splits

『 Jiang Ning’an 』

With Line:

Light gray dotted line 12.5 regiments (50 g/group)

Light gray fine count cotton 6 strands 265 g

Light gray fine branch moa 2 strands 90 g


Chest 61 long 70 even rotator cuff 72


Weaving instructions:

It was this that attracted me

It seems to be very similar

Note: Double rhomboid flowers 24 rows 1 group

Middle double twist 8 rows 1 twist

• end •

Author | A gentle breeze

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