Recently, the sun shines in Hefei every day, and it is time to need the air conditioner to “continue life”, but every time I look at the electricity bill at the end of January, my heart is also cool, the electricity bill at home is 3 times more than that of the neighbor’s house, and the external unit of the air conditioner is hot, and after inspection, I found that the installation master caused trouble!

In order to say so? When the master installed the external air conditioner, I only paid attention to its firmness, but ignored the distance between the external unit of the air conditioner and the wall.

Only 5 cm

Although it is not installed on the wall, it can be a big problem.

Usually the most basic requirements for the installation location of the air conditioner external unit are that the right side distance is greater than 60 cm, the front distance is not less than 2m, and its left, back and upper distances are all more than 30 cm, so in comparison, my family’s air conditioning external unit installation is obviously unqualified.

Why should there be enough space around the air conditioner?

This problem is actually very simple, because the external unit is used for heat dissipation, if it is close to the wall or other items are too close, the external unit is difficult to inhale air, which affects the heat dissipation effect, increases the operating load of the outdoor unit, and the power consumption at home is the most basic, which is why my home electricity bill is 3 times more than the neighbor’s house. In addition, it also shortens the service life of the compressor inside the air conditioner, and it will have to be replaced in a few years!

In fact, there are still many misunderstandings about the installation distance of the air conditioner, hurry up and see how many of your homes have stepped on below, any one is enough for you to regret!

Myth 1:

The air conditioner is directly placed on the balcony floor, which is theoretically possible, but the hot air is all blown on itself when moving on the balcony, which is really a little uncomfortable, but it cannot be installed too high, the noise may affect the neighbors upstairs, and some additional costs may also occur, so the height of the air conditioning unit is about 1.2m.

Myth 2:

The outside of the air conditioner is more than 1m away from the neighbor’s house, No! It is 3m, otherwise when using the air conditioner, not only the heat emitted by the outdoor unit is blown into the neighbor’s house, but its noise will also affect the neighbor’s rest, and it is easy to have neighborhood disputes over time.

Whether the air conditioner is installed on the balcony or the air conditioner reserved by the developer, the surrounding distance must be adjusted, so that it can be both firm and fast heat dissipation, the air conditioner is not good, and it does not need to be repaired for decades, and the owner can really save a lot of worry! (Image from the Internet)

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