With the state of “full 30-15” and “full 20-10”, the southern climate seems to be untrustworthy. The seasons change in an instant, and there are very few clothes to wear in the wardrobe. Buying new clothes is a good way to do it, but it’s a bit tricky for us with empty wallets and a lot of stress. But celebrities choose to wear more than one outfit, which may be a better way to interpret themselves and fashion, let’s take a look at what are the tricks of domestic and foreign fashion celebrities.

The same piece often appears as a single outfit, which does cause aesthetic fatigue for others and themselves, but fashion celebrities from all walks of life wear the same dress in different atmospheres.

△The details of the matching are changed to give the old clothes a new look

1. Princess Kate: The “Magic” of the Ruby Set

Kate Middleton often attends more formal occasions, and in order to show her frugal and hardworking image, she often uses clothing reproduction as a time-saving and simple way to match. For example, the ruby red double-breasted Catherine Walker dress is the “darling” of the princess’s look, with tonal suede heels and berets, gentle simplicity and smart fashion style, suitable for attending the annual Christmas service of the Sandringham royals in 2018. In addition, in order to modify the visual fatigue caused by the matching of the same color of the whole body, the princess also used ingenious silver brooches and silver earrings as embellishments, without losing her own unique style.

As a symbol of Britain, the British royal family insists on wearing hats to churches, so the hats of various princesses are also very important. When attending the 2020 Commonwealth Day Tour at Westminster Abbey, the princess also chose a ruby red coat dress as the core outfit, but this time she chose to use braided hair with gorgeous and charming floral decorative hats, which was more lively.

2. Ms. Meng: The winter echo of a caramel-colored coat

Huawei’s daughter, Ms. Meng, is very popular in business and the workplace, and she also has her own unique views on fashion. The generous and capable style of dressing has given us a lot of inspiration. This set is a caramel coat from MaxMara’s autumn 2019 model, and the combination of stiff tweed fabric and pajama collar exudes femininity without losing rigor, making it the first choice for public occasions.

In the winter of 2020, Ms. Meng also chose this set of caramel color jackets, and compared with before, this time chose to pair with a black turtleneck sweater and black trousers, which not only enhances the warmth effect, but also enhances the temperament of the whole outfit, adding more solemnity and suitable for the occasion. On both occasions, Ms. Meng chose one of her favorite shoes – Jimmy Choo’s shimmering high heels to match, which can be described as Ms. Meng’s versatile TOP.

3. Spice Girls: Simple suit suits decorated with details

Victoria Beckham may be known in the sports world as “David Beckham’s wife”, but she has a very important place in the fashion industry. As the founder and chief designer of the fashion brand DVB, she herself has a special passion for suits. The ivory double-breasted suit paired with black pointed-toe heels instantly shapes the workplace, using classic black and white to accentuate its formality and grandeur. This set expresses a more novel fashion concept with a neutral look.

Through comparison, it can be seen that the theme atmosphere of the two occasions is different, so Victoria’s collocation has also changed. Compared with the last time, Victoria is more elegant and relaxed in this suit. The blazer is draped open, revealing the pleated lining inside, and the collar is pinned with black flower pins, filling in the details of the entire suit, which is full and unique.

4. Carina Liu: A wonderful fate with Dior couture

Carina Lau and Dior’s fate began at the 1995 Golden Horse Awards ceremony, when she wore a 1995 haute couture dress in the black and white color scheme that everyone loved, and the black tight fit and fluffy hem added a bit of girlish atmosphere to Carina Lau at that time.

And 19 years later, Carina Lau appeared at her birthday party wearing this dusty dress, she once said: “A good dress is a work of art, it’s a pity to wear it only once.” Repeated wear can reflect its classic and irreplaceable nature. At this time, Carina Liu, who changed into heavy makeup and jewelry, was more feminine and mature than at that time.

5. Dunst: Temperament metamorphosis

When Kirsten Dunst attended the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscars, Dunst’s white lace mini dress was first displayed in the public eye. The whole dress is decorated with lace, with a necklace with a floral pattern and red suede pointed heels, which is commented on the Internet as “like an elf”, which looks playful and cute.

The mini-dress reappeared in 2017, when Dunster wore it to the Teatro Château de Châteaunet in Paris. After 17 years, Dunst’s “chemical reaction” with the skirt seems to be changing, and now it shows more maturity and intellectuality than before playfulness. The color scheme was changed to a classic black and white color scheme, with black high heels and a long silver necklace to set off a different charm.

6. Li Min: I love cheongsam

In 2001, Li Min appeared on the 73rd Academy Awards to sing the theme song of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. In order to highlight the Chinese culture of the stage, this set of Fan Xizhe’s red slim cheongsam is most appropriate. Coco Li Min, who has always shown perfect body proportions, perfectly controls this cheongsam, which blends traditional and modern elements, and is stylish and attractive.

On the stage of the fourth season finals of “I Am a Singer”, Li Min decided to sing this classic melody “Moonlight Lover” again, and wore the same cheongsam dress that year. The years seem to have not left traces on Li Min’s body, and how many years have passed, this set of red cheongsam still exudes its unique charm.

7. Li Yuchun: Eco-friendly fashion

On July 15, 2019, a song with Sichuan-Shu characteristics “Shu Embroidery” was sung at the closing ceremony of the 30th Universiade, and Li Yuchun was invited to attend as the cultural exchange ambassador of the Chengdu 2021 Universiade. An embroidered gold floral dress brings out Li Yuchun’s confident beauty as an artist and mature temperament as an ambassador.

A year later, when Li Yuchun was invited to participate in a fashion brand event, he wore this embroidered gold pattern dress again, the upper body used a tight fit, the skirt was rounded and orderly spread, and the high waist line and black-based design highlighted the fashion atmosphere, which is also very suitable for fashion events. Li Yuchun’s practical actions of wearing old clothes and new clothes have supported the new trend of environmentally friendly fashion.

8. High round round: Loyal fans of irregular fishtail skirts

At the 100th anniversary party of the 2012 Red Show, the round MashaMa irregular fishtail skirt attracted everyone’s attention, paired with Stella McCartney’s printed jacket and Channel’s 2013 early spring resort bags. The skirt is just above the knee, revealing a slender leg curve that highlights the personality.

Then Gao Yuanyuan also chose this fishtail skirt when attending a brand event, which shows that Yuanyuan really has a soft spot for this skirt. This time, it is paired with a white mesh top and gray pointed toe heels, the color system is one, the design is simple and elegant.

△ Bold transformation to shape a new world of single items

1. Princess Diana: Reinventing Single Product Power Max

Princess Diana is also known for frugality in the British royal family, but she also has the ability to reinvent pieces that fascinate the fashion industry. The picture shows the light blue dress worn by the Princess when she visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, in 1987, and the fine embroidery on the dress is a highlight, and the set of pearl jewelry highlights the solemn and elegant temperament of the Princess.

Two years later, the princess wore the same dress when she attended a charity ball, but after a bold makeover, the clothes seemed to be completely new. The sleeves were boldly removed when cutting, and the collar was also redesigned – the bandeau neckline was changed to a more feminine charm and more suitable for prom occasions.

2. Jennifer: Fashion tracker

Jennifer Lopez is praised for her ability to track and control fashion, and her navel Versace jungle dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards attracted a lot of attention. Jennifer, who was afraid to try it easily, confidently wore it, and her open, new fashion style matched her sexy, hot, innovative musical style.

In 2019, Jennifer Lopez unexpectedly appeared on the runway scene at Milan Fashion Week, and it was also eye-catching that we had not seen in a long time, but this dress that was her bold symbol now has a new interpretation. She cut out the sleeves, hollowed out the waist to perfectly show off the curves, and the hem was unrestrained for a more glamorous look.

All celebrities have their own exclusive fashion matching tips, which are worth learning and learning from. Old clothes and new wear are not only the embodiment of environmental protection concept, but also the supreme state of practicing fashion. Each has their own unique fashion logo, and although the style is constantly changing, their pursuit of the core of fashion is still moving forward.

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