“If one day I become president of the United States,

I’ll paint the White House pink first. ”

——Paris Hilton

The other day, revisiting “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, these familiar lens languages suddenly evoked my infinite reverie about games, fairy tales and art, and its unique aesthetic style fascinated me.

Especially in the movie’s kaleidoscopic and colorful world of yesterday, the sweet macaron sets and vintage tones stimulate the eyes, and the American milkshake is as delicious as an American milkshake, and the fluffy pie is covered with a layer of flowing fresh raspberries.

It is this sweet and undisciplined film that decodes my pink imagination space, like a delicate postcard sent to seventeenth-century Europe, containing a strong emotional accusation, ambiguous and direct. In my mind, there has never been a color comparable to the unique temperament of pink that is both strong and gentle, it is a multidimensional color in flux, not only a girly stereotype, it is varied, rebellious and complex, smart and stupid.

Pink is not only the artistic soil of imagination, but also a natural tranquilizer for people, which can stimulate people’s estrogen secretion and help women delay aging, so it is also a wonderful symbol of love.


Where are you from?

Ancient China used “crimson” to make “pink”, “Yangfei color” and “Xiangfei color” all take their meanings, Tang You Cui Hu: “Last year today in this gate, people’s faces and peach blossoms reflect red” golden sentence, Southern Dynasty Liang Fangji “Jinshi Le” poem: “Jade face light pink, Luo sleeves flick flowers.” Since ancient times, “crimson” has been a typical representation of female images and has been given many beautiful symbolic meanings

Chen Kaige’s “Wuji” stills

In Europe, the earliest trace can be traced back to the description in Homer’s epic poem “Odyssey”: “On a childlike morning, the morning twilight of the color of roses falls”, and the Latin Roseus also represents a girly color similar to rose pink.

It was not until the Renaissance that pink appeared in the works of artists, became a creative element of typical paintings, and attracted people’s attention.

Rococo powder の Memories of the times

The most powerful era of pink in Europe was the Rococo period of the eighteenth century, all thanks to Louis XV’s lover Madame de Pompadour, who skillfully combined pink and light blue in the field of fashion, court decoration and architectural style, making the eighteenth century a truly pink era.

Madame de Pompadour with Louis XV

She participated in the preparation of the palace of Fontainebleau, Place de la Concorde and Elysee in France, and designed iconic court costumes and decorative pieces for the French court, making these pink elements the most noble fashion in France, and her “rococo powder” influenced generations to come.

TV series “Madame de Pompadour”

Madame de Pompadour and the painter Jean Honoré Fragonard’s “Swing”, with delicate flowing ribbons and wide-brimmed hats, ladies sitting on the swing flirt with lovers for fun, full of girly hormones, people can’t take their eyes off ~

“The Swing”

At that time, men and women, young and old, all dressed in pink and tender, rococo powder not only represented the gentleness of women, but also represented the “strength and tragedy” of men (European pink at this time was not fully feminized until the First World War), and the women’s clothing of this period inherited the Baroque period clothing pattern, adding a bit of pink playfulness to the elegant and dignified.

Can you imagine? Rule a dynasty with one color!

During the Louis XVI period after Madame de Pompadour, the French royal family’s enthusiasm for rococoa powder remained undiminished, and at this time a fashionable icon who loved fans appeared very much, she was the famous queen, Marie Antoinette.

Because of a political marriage, the gifted and lively Princess Marie married France from Austria at the age of nineteen, she participated in and witnessed the luxurious and confusing life of the French aristocracy on the eve of the French Revolution, and weaved the last dream world for the French dynasty in Rococo pink, and the beauty and bleakness of Versailles were all related to her.

Fashion の正popular

Rococo, you can find it in every corner of life.

Beauty. The blossoms are delicate, like the face of a girl.

Home beauty. The brightness of rococo powder is neither too light nor too saturated, and Wen Rong is unassuming, low-key and temperamental.

And rococo applied to clothing, will give people a “hazy beauty”, in the conventional pink plus “fifty degrees of gray” to form a gray “haze” effect, this color saturation is relatively low, will not give people too dazzling flamboyant feeling, but is a gentle and powerful temperament, can be tender, has a holding aura, is a soft and calm state.

Hepburn classic pink dress dress

Liu Wen wears pink

Nicole Kidman blockbuster

Prada 2020 Early Spring Women’s Show

Wear it out of the high-class sense

“Don’t match” can’t go wrong, a single color is not only safe and secure, it is easier to highlight the sense of premium, and it is more suitable for “lazy people”, will not wear pink? Just buy it!

Pink suit suit, exclusive to sweet girls, hard cut smooth curves with feminine rococo powder, can effectively play the effect of “maiden” balance.

Add a little plaid or print to your outfit to make it look out better!

In the choice of materials, you can boldly try satin and light chiffon materials, which do not need to be too formal at all, and give a sigh of relief to summer~

If you are a little more casual and playful, you can choose a workwear suit like Shirley~

Or directly wear a fairy pink skirt, not only full of fairy, but also light mature and feminine, full of romance

The universal basic color is never outdated, and it is easy to go wrong, and it is much less difficult to match the universal basic color with the same color and color all over the body~

Wear it with a plain white T-shirt on the upper body and a short rococo pink skirt or trousers on the bottom, which looks fresh and stylish.

Oversize’s silhouette suit is paired with gray wide-leg trousers and mules for an elite OL look.

Pink is not the same stylized color, well matched, it can also have different temperament styles, from home decoration to clothing items, you may wish to talk about it, what are the beautiful and practical pink items can be planted with grass ~

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