The fairy who submitted today’s article is a 22-year-old girl who did not reveal her weight to Liya, so our focus today is according to the transformation needs.

Wu Yu specifically mentioned when submitting the article, hoping to give more

Style of dressing

It is recommended that you can not only do it that suits you, but also move closer to the light mature wind.

The first step in mastering the style of dressing is definitely not to choose the style, let alone follow the trend, but to choose the pieces that suit you and master your own

Body information

Full-body tight clothes can highlight the figure, and Liya suggested that fairies can arrange a clear body photo when submitting, which is more conducive to demining items.

It is obvious that the fairy belongs to it

Apple-shaped body

。 The flesh is piled up on the chest, which is not very friendly to the height of 153, making the already shorter height appear shorter.

But fortunately, the fat in the waist, crotch and legs is not particularly much, and it is possible to avoid defects by promoting strengths and complementing weaknesses.

♀️ Stay away from drugs 01.

Long cardigan

Many apple-shaped fairies feel that this is the ultimate way to appear thin.

Leak! Your shortcomings are not only on one plane, loose clothes may be covered from the front, but the sides, back and other places you can’t notice will be visual

Double the fat

Such a long cardigan is a good example, obviously has a small waist, but when worn, it looks like the entire upper body is bloated.

It’s better to be a simple basic model, at least it can be highlighted

Curvy beauty

。 (▼ This set looks very good, and the lower body is very atmospheric when you change into a pair of cream white straight or wide-leg pants!) )

♀️ Stay away from drugs 02.

Knitted vest

Do all of you like vests very much? After all, a piece of upper body can increase the style of dressing, which is easy to match and reduce age. But, don’t wear the Apple body anymore! And similar

Soft and thin fabric

Don’t go top.

Not only will it double fat, but it will also have a kind


Feel. This is how the so-called “big-breasted dressing is not high-class”.

♀️ Stay away from items 03.

Turtleneck sweater

The turtleneck knit is warm, but the apple figure must be kept away. The shoulders themselves are large behind the chest, and the entire high neck highlights the shortcomings, a little


None at all.

More importantly, the coat that Tianyu matched made the mistake of the second “soft tumby” fabric mentioned above, which is obviously a suit but does not modify the figure at all.

The whole set of Look has no waist line, and no curves, it is simply the first place to appear fat and short, and I say leakage together!

Look 01

Temperament Hong Kong style

Considering the height of Guan Yu 153, no matter what style you lean on, Xiangao must be the first place. So

Short top + high waisted bottom

The pairing is indispensable.

The leather jacket comes with a cool filter, and the hard material can visually correct the figure well, showing the thin and small hand. Wear it casually with a round neck inside.

The lower body is arranged with jeans and daddy shoes, and the double version is casual, and the whole is a modern and temperamental state.

Look 02

Gentle Korean style

Prefer a light ripe style? Liya arranged that. You don’t need to be too old at 22 years old,

Han Fan with simple temperament

It suits her perfectly.

In the body analysis just now, it can be seen that Tianyu only has more meat accumulated on the chest, and the shoulders and neck are fine, so the Oversized bread suit can definitely be tried.

The bag and pants are arranged in the same color, and the sense of luxury does not come.

Look 03

Christmas sweet wind

Christmas is coming soon, so make a warm and stylish look arrangement! The long red cotton suit really has a taste,

Christmas or New Year

can wear a festive atmosphere.

The little man must be open to me indoors! The sense of layering is instantly get. With the blessing of a solid color basic model, the houndstooth A-line skirt is particularly prominent, which suddenly adds a lot of celebrity to the whole look.

Afraid of an apple-shaped body with a cold neck, you can stock up on a few more strips of different colors for yourself


, not only can you add points to the outfit, but also visually thin the body.

After reading today’s [Real Person Transformation], fairies with apple-shaped bodies should wear it! Some of the items used after the renovation, such as leather jackets, bread suits, and A-line skirts, are excellent items to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Liya will carry another wave of key points for the big guys, and buy clothes according to these points, which is probably right:

The top or coat is made of stiff and neatly cut

Break through aesthetics and transform the “disadvantages” of big breasts into advantages,

Clothes that show off your figure are the thinnest

Pay attention to highlighting the waist line, and small people must arrange a combination of short top + high-waist bottom

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