Pink is an irresistible color, can be sweet and cool, can be sweet and cool, and there is more than a week to be the annual Valentine’s Day, want to be a sultry girl, as gentle and sweet as a flower, as dreamy and beautiful as a fairy tale, as romantic and innocent as a girl? The pink outfit will be served immediately, making you sweet to your first love!

Spring/Summer 2022 collections of major brands, romantic pinks everywhere:

Bora Aksu Spring/Summer 2022 collection

GANNI Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2022 collection

David Koma Spring/Summer 2022 collection

Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 collection

Michael Kors’ Spring/Summer 2022 collection

Burberry 2022 Early Spring Resort Collection

Powder is not anyone’s exclusive

Pink is a very inclusive color, and few colors can extend so many different connotations as pink. Pink is not anyone’s exclusive property. Different age groups wear pink, and their temperaments are completely different.

How to choose pink items, how to match?

Pink coat

Worried about wearing pink too much kawaii? Try a neatly cut pink coat that is stylish and feminine when walking.

If you don’t want to be too ostentatious, you can choose a less saturated smoky pink or nude pink, gentle and elegant.

A sassy trench coat, tired of basic khaki, try the bright pink color, and easily interpret the most sassy “big woman style” of the moment.

The combination of tough suit cut and pink is just in line with the now popular feminine combination.

Pink should be worn in a full set, and many people are afraid that they will not be able to control it. But wearing it well is the queen of fashion, especially the neutral style suit, combined with pink, is the beauty of the combination of mother and man.

If you don’t want to be too pink, you can choose a relatively low-key dirty pink, which is age-reducing and high-grade.

If you don’t play layering in autumn and winter, dressing loses its fun. Layered with richness and detail, it mixes and matches the personality and attitude you want. Pink suit layered over a coat, easily become the most beautiful cub on the street.

It is also necessary to wear it in a full set, with fashionable high-waisted pants, loose and charming tone, rigid and soft without effort, so that the eye-catching index soars instantly, and the return rate is 200%.

If it is a skirt suit, it can remove the seriousness of the suit suit and add a light femininity.

Don’t worry about the little fairy who likes cool jackets, not only black and army green are handsome, pink jackets are still domineering even with jeans, but also more youthful and energetic.

Pink top

If you don’t want to have a large area of pink and tender, a top is also good. The warm and slouchy sweater is combined with pink to add a romantic sweetness. The pink sweater with pants looks very pink, but it has a cool and handsome atmosphere.

When the weather is warmer, choose an oversized pink sweater, with a short skirt or shorts to play the lower body missing, Xiaolu is sexy and feminine.

Wear it with a dress that is elegant and sweet.

In addition to sweaters, pink knitted cardigans are also a great choice, soft and sticky, easy to wear a lazy girly feel.

The retro style is very popular, and the “grandma vest” is also a hot item, and the pink color has a more romantic sweet atmosphere, and it is cute and lovely.

If you don’t want to wear a large area of pink, you can use a pink sweater as an underwear to easily become the finishing touch of your whole body.

The sweatshirt with its own casual nature on the street is a versatile weapon, and the pink sweatshirt is more age-reducing than other color styles.

Now it is very fashionable, the sweatshirt set that can be worn in season, a full set of pink down, comfortable and age-reducing.

A bright pink sweatshirt is paired with a relatively low-key coat to achieve a neutralizing effect.

Pink dress

The pink dress is a very worthy style to consider at the beginning of spring, it can avoid the trouble of matching and go straight to the top. A very flowing women’s skirt in itself, that pink is a big fuss on softness, plus a better Buff.

Knitted dresses are the kind of autumn and winter that is very worry-free, “wear one right and wear the right body”. Easily get a soft, elegant and feminine image.

The silk dress with its own luxury, the light and soft color is more attractive, not only white, but also can wear the atmosphere of the satin skirt.

The combination of coat and pink skirt is the least error-prone, and the feminine and idyllic beauty of women is vividly interpreted, which is both eye-catching and outstanding, making you a beautiful scenery of your own.

Pink pants

If you don’t have a fair complexion and are afraid to wear a pink top for fear of showing black, don’t be afraid! Let’s start with the lower body. Because of the pink color of the jump, it does not look dull and heavy.

A basic color top with a pair of pink trousers, a simple combination is very beautiful.

Fashionists can play with bold color contrasts, how to attract attention.

Pink bag

Many little fairies say that pink is too difficult to wear. In fact, pink does not have to be worn on the body, we can take pink bags~

Even the most low-key black outfit with a pink bag can add a bit of sweetness.

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