Many customers are looking for red oak and white oak, which is simple to make red oak and white oak, and the white oak is white. But in fact, in addition to the appearance, there are differences in performance and use.

■ White oak distinctive landscape wood grain (landscape TV cabinet I Wooden Workshop)


Today, let’s take a look at what is the difference between the two woods. What methods can you use?


Oak classification

In numerous furniture, oak is manufactured

Ideal materials for all kinds of high-end furniture


Therefore, it is very popular among consumers. They grow in a large wheel, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, mainly from Europe and North America, belonging to the precious tree species of more than a hundred years, the price is also expensive.

■ White oak wood is solid, beautiful wood grain (漪 i i 工 工)

Oak can be divided into white oak and red oak according to the wood species; oak according to the origin, and it can be subdivided into European oak and North America. Different materials, appearance, performance and price are different.



How to distinguish red oak, white oak?

About oak, there is a sentence

“White Oak does not do, red oak is not red”


Many people mistakenly believe that “red oak is red oak, white oak is white oak”, in fact, the reason why red oak is called red oak, that is because it becomes red in autumn.

■ The leaves of the red oak will become red in autumn

In fact,

Red rubber and white oak do not refer to oaks with a specific tree species

. They are a genus of a Fagaceae, which is a h-coloreae.

There are 600 species, and if they are distinguished in the tree species, they can be divided into two groups:

■ If a tree species is used to distinguish white oak and red yar, it can be divided into two groups.


The red oak is a little yellow, and the wood is hard and heavy, the texture is usually vertical, the texture is rough, and there is excellent performance after machining. After dyeing and polishing, you can create a beautiful surface, slowly dry and easy to crack and warp. Because of its characteristics,

Red oak is widely used in furniture, floor and indoor wooden lines

■ Red oak is widely used in floor making

In general, white ocetics are more red, and their wood is more stable than red oak. Red rubber excellent ingredients 1m3 Near 10,000 yuan, while white rubbing is higher than red and oaste. Domestic high-quality oak wood is uncomfortable, need to import foreign countries.

Therefore, the pure solid wood furniture with white rubbing material is now in a lot of nice, and more red oak is used.

As for how the two wood is distinguished, we can distinguish between a variety of ways to look at the colors, see timber rays, the nitrite (nano ₂) test, see the leaves, physical properties.

I look color

The sidewood of the red oak is white to light brown, and the heart is brown. The size of the white oak is light, the heart is light brown to dark brown.

■ White oak and red oak contrast


II look at wood section


Under magnifying glass

Observe the annual wheel of red oak

It can be found that there are very many cell tube holes, and inside is empty, it should be easily identified.

There is a dip in the white oort tube, although it is very subtle difference, but this makes the white oort have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-insect resistance, and the water resistance is also better. So white oak can become a world-famous oak wine barrel, but red oak can’t do a barrel.


■ Under magnifying glass, the difference between red oak and white oak (there is a dipole in the white oak hole, red oak is not)

Iii looks in the tomb rays

The tummy rays of the red oak are usually shorter, and the length is 1/8 “~ 1/2”, which is very small, with a length of more than 3/4 “~ 1”. The tallow rays of the white oak are more red, most of which exceed 3/4. “


■ Oak tie ray is more red

IV nitrite (nano ₂) test

This method is very accurate and reliable, you can try it when physical methods do not work (attention:

Nitrite can only make color changes in the heart


A. First, prepare the heart of red oak and white oak, then coated with a concentration of 10% nitrite solution (1% to 20% concentration of sodium nitrite solution, but the optimum test concentration is 10%), Place the waiting.

b. If it is red oak, the color does not change much (just slightly deeper, sometimes a bit is a bit green); but if it is a white oak heart, there will be obvious changes, the color changes from the true color, and then Slowly become deep blue, and finally become a near black.


V look

If you can explore the tree species, you can see the leaf is the most practical and simpler method. The edge of the red oak is pointed, while the edge of the white oak leaves is round.

■ The edge of the red oak and white oak is different.

VI Physical properties

Finally, the physical properties of red oak and white oak are also different, but this is also related to their origin (the data in the table only represents the case of two woods from the northeast of the United States).

■ Comparison of physical properties of red oak and white oak


North American Oak VS European Oak


US white oak uses NHLA level dividing standard: FAS (Fas / Fas Single Side / Special Selection), Pu Level 1, Pu 2. The white oak grade used by Mu Zhi Fang Furniture is the highest standard – FAS level.

European Oak Division Standards: A, AB, B, BC, and C – Class (due to European division, etc., the material usage is unable to reach the customer’s expectation).

■ Furniture dignified in white oak (landscape TV cabinet i Wubi Workshop)

Although it belongs to oak, the US oak is better than European oak (common name is sometimes called the wood) material. And whether it is red oak or a white oak, the quality of the United States is higher than Europe.


■ White oak series furniture (Chair + wearing a tie table i Woodwich Workshop)


North American white oak outlet:


Has a brittle mountainous wood pattern, and the touch surface has a good texture.

Oaks after special treatment, in addition to the general wood advantages, toughness is also excellent, can be processed into a variety of bends as needed, very beautiful.


The texture is solid, the manufactured goods is firm and the annual use is long.


Higher grade, suitable for high-grade solid wood furniture.


Wooden, oak home has a calm-wood furniture, and its precious level is comparable to the mahogany furniture, but the price is much lower than the mahogany.


North American white oak spot:

White oak wood processing is difficult.

Rare wood, from abroad, high price.

The hardness of the furniture is hard, the density is high, dehydrated, so it is easy to deform, and it is easy to damage due to collision.

Without high temperature, the surface of the furniture cannot be placed above 40 ° C, otherwise the high temperature will destroy its surface texture.

High quality white oak


Wood hard, clear texture, and resistance to corrosion

The advantages, in addition to their appearance characteristics and its own quality, many people think it can even be comparable to mahogany furniture. It is understood that many merchants in the market use Southeast Asian rubber wood to pretend oak, buy wood, furniture, need to pay special attention!



Beautiful recommendation

White oak as the main material of the woodworking furniture of the woodwood workshop, its mirror is very high. The furniture is simple, but it is classic.

■ White Oak Tropster Coherence (Shanshui TV Cabinet I Wood Workshop)

■ White oak wood is warm and delicate (漪 bedside cabinet I Wub Workshop)

■ White Oak and Marble Combination (Dew Pearl Tea I Wood Workshop)

■ White Oak and Metal and Marble Material Combination (Non-Folk Cabinet I Wub Workshop)


White oak wood texture is beautiful, gentle, very suitable for home environment. After adding metal, stone, etc., the hierarchical texture is more rich, with an elegant and unique sense of beauty.






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