With the rise of domestic products in recent years, more and more domestic skin care brands have appeared in everyone’s field of vision, and even like some stars, bloggers, have recommended some domestic products, so it can be seen that domestic skin care products in our people’s concept, has become better and better. Of course, compared with some overseas big brand imported brands, maybe our domestic brand awareness is not so high, but the real is cost-effective, mainly relying on word of mouth in all aspects, although the price is not expensive, but the sense of use is still very good!

So this issue of Tina plans to share with you several recognized and easy-to-use cost-effective domestic milk inventory, Jimei, stop spending stupid money to buy some big brands, these domestic products are not fragrant? So let’s take a look at what they are~

To this water milk

The first impression of this milk is that the packaging is really simple and plain in appearance, but it is really amazing when used. This water lotion focuses on balanced oils, as well as deep hydration and hydration, because its ingredients are relatively simple, without adding some irritating ingredients to the skin, so it is still a relatively gentle series, for sensitive skin or acne skin type, it is also completely controllable. Moreover, the upper face is absorbed relatively quickly, the effect is soothing and can achieve a good repair effect, so that the skin strengthens the skin from the inside out, and after absorption, it is not greasy, refreshing feeling, and the overall sense of use is still good.

Valley rain cactus water milk

Gu Yu’s this cactus water milk, I believe everyone should be no stranger, this water milk as my college has been unlimited repurchase series, but also by many student party love water milk, the main is the effect of gentle moisturizing hydration, this overall is a moisturizing type, water is a texture of essence water, not as fluid as the toner we use every day, on the contrary, it belongs to the relatively thick series, the upper face only needs a light touch to quickly appear watery absorption, The penetration of water is still relatively strong. The emulsion is also relatively easy to absorb, thinly coated with a thin layer of light and non-greasy, the main ingredients of water milk are cactus, jojoba oil and sodium hyaluronate, squalane and other series, relatively speaking, it is relatively mild, and cost-effective.

Natural hall condensation water milk

As one of the top domestic skin care brands, Nature Tang is relatively famous. Among them, this Condensing Fresh Face Series is the main anti-aging effect launched by Nature Hall, mainly aimed at the age range of 25 years old, especially for some young women with initial anti-aging needs is very suitable, can easily help the skin to achieve a good firming anti-aging effect. Water milk contains a variety of anti-aging ingredients, help the skin to easily fade the first signs of aging, rejuvenate the skin from the inside out, relatively speaking, water milk is relatively easy to absorb, refreshing and non-greasy, the main ingredient is Himalayan glacier water combined with snow lotus extract, so that the skin can achieve good moisture and easy absorption, as well as a refreshing and non-greasy feeling.

Pechoin Muscle Water Energy Water Milk

Pechoin has always been known as the “light of domestic products”, inherited for decades, until now still classic, Pechoin brand is divided into many different series, the most popular of which is water energy this water milk, as the name suggests knows that it is the main deep moisturizing and hydrating effect, from the composition point of view, most of them are mainly based on plant extracts, without adding some alcohol and other ingredients that irritate the skin, so relatively speaking, it is relatively mild, the taste of water milk is relatively similar, It smells like an herbaceous plant. Both water emulsion belongs to the relatively easy to absorb series, the texture of essence water is relatively light, while the lotion does not have a sticky feeling, but is very well absorbed.

Winona Water Milk

Winona’s brand can really be said to have done very well in recent years, this brand is still relatively famous, mainly based on sensitive skin research and development of a series, is also a cooperative cosmeceutical brand with hospitals. Among them, its soothing series of water milk, are very hot, sensitive basically barrier function is impaired, that is, it is more affected by external stimuli, resulting in allergies, red blood and other problems. And this water lotion can just help our skin achieve a good calming and maintenance effect, so that the skin will not dry and peel during the change of season, and it is easy to appear red, itchy and closed. In particular, its special cream is very popular for allergies or spring allergies.

Well, the above is all the content of the evaluation and inventory of domestic water milk shared with you, I don’t know if there are any good recommendations and opinions that you are using? Welcome to leave a message below the comment and discuss with everyone~

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