Due to friction, sweating, etc., it is not recommended to wear ordinary briefs when exercising, but choose boxers or sports underwear.

Sports underwear has the advantages of breathability, perspiration, quick drying, etc., can better protect the private parts, and then recommend several comfortable and stylish men’s sports underwear.

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Otherwise, the underwear will not dry for a day


Under Armour UA Men’s 3″ Athleisure Panties – 2 Bars – 1327414


Under Armour makes its fortune with sports tights, which are mostly made of nylon and polyester, which are breathable, quick-drying and comfortable, as are its sports panties. These Under Armour sports panties are spun from a blend of polyester and spandex. The former ensures quick drying of underwear, while the latter enhances the elasticity of underwear and makes it easier for the wearer to exercise. The slim fit avoids the movement of the panties during exercise, allowing for more flexible movement. The underwear placket is finished with mesh to enhance breathability and help keep them dry and comfortable. The side and back are designed to be seamless, reducing the abrasion that stitching can bring and improving wearing comfort. Under Armour currently has flagship stores on JD.com and Tmall, which is very suitable for users who like sports.


Under Armour UA Men’s 6″ Athleisure Panties – 2 Bars – 1327415

In the sportswear market, Under Armour is highly professional and focuses on breathability, quick-drying and comfort – characteristics that can also be found in the underwear. These 6-inch sports shorts are longer than the previous one, so they are suitable for long-distance endurance sports. Compared with cotton fiber, polyester fabric has better shape retention, abrasion resistance and quick-drying sweat absorption properties. The addition of spandex makes the overall elasticity of the panties moderate, which helps to make the movement more flexible. What’s more, these underwear plackets are finished with mesh to improve breathability and keep your privacy dry and comfortable. The side and back are designed to be seamless to reduce stitch friction and improve comfort. Under Armour has a full range of online and online sales channels, sports enthusiasts may wish to pay attention.


C-IN2 cotton sport stretch U-convex low-rise boxer panties 6960P


C-IN2 has always emphasized design and functionality, focusing on low waist (lower than the usual low waist), buttocks, and U-convex design to maximize masculinity – and they even apply these concepts to sports panties. This low-rise sexy 6960P panties is the product of this idea. The 6960P belongs to the C-IN2’s HARD sports series, using 95% cotton and 5% spandex blended fabric, which has both the breathability and moisture absorption of cotton, but also the appropriate stretch, and there will be no sense of restraint when moving. Its buttocks are cut seamlessly in one piece, avoiding the discomfort of pinching the buttocks. In addition to the usual U-convex design at the front crotch, an opening is also designed on the placket side to increase breathability, and it can quickly achieve a dry and comfortable state after sweating. C-IN2 has official flagship stores on JD.com and Tmall, and the product price is moderate, and it is recommended for men who want underwear to be both sexy and sporty.


CK boxer panties, cotton low-rise simple men’s boxers, shorts, three-strip set U2664G


Calvin Klein, abbreviated as CK, belongs to the PVH Group along with the famous fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. Design has always been Calvin Klein’s area of strength, winning three consecutive Cody Awards for American Fashion Critics. Calvin Klein’s reputation is very loud, and these boxers are a classic among its classics. The fashionable wide-brimmed design and familiar logo embellishments still follow the trend and personality style. The cotton-and-spandex blend guarantees good elasticity and does not feel restrained when worn snugly to the body. Double-edged cuffs for a snug fit. Calvin Klein’s products can be bought on Tmall and JD.com, if you want to buy imported originals, you can choose imported supermarkets on two platforms, and the prices are relatively real.




Shuya is one of the largest lingerie manufacturers in the world, and its development is very fast, becoming an international enterprise in the early 20th century. Compared with other fashion underwear brands, Shuya’s biggest advantage is that it has its own fiber fabric R & D center and direct factory, is an underwear enterprise covering the whole industry chain, and the production standards and product quality are incomparable with ordinary brands. Shuya’s Blue Plate series has always focused on a comfortable and snug wearing experience. These 50-count Lenzing modal boxer panties have soft and comfortable fabrics and good breathability; The waist design that fits the body and is equipped with laser lamination process makes it comfortable to wear without restraint and clean without marks. U-shaped warehouse three-dimensional cutting and German hemming technology, can give enough space in the private place, and avoid the trouble of opening the line, and the quality is good. This underwear is sold in Shuya’s Tmall and Jingdong flagship stores, and the price of 3 packs is between 140-190 yuan, which is a good choice for users who pursue cost-effectiveness.


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