A pair of slender beautiful legs is the most eye-catching, especially if you wear hot pants, revealing a pair of long legs, how can people can’t help but look back? Take a look at these Korean high-waisted hot pants!

【Korean high-waist hot pants】

01 Classic high-waisted wide-leg fit design, irregular hem and raw edge whiskers, casual and uninhibited, the trouser body is messy with some scratch lines, more unique, the old light design is very attractive.

Sexy and beautiful legs, a pair of hot pants let you have both!

02 The small notch in the trouser leg is even more casual street style, making ta look simple and not monotonous, and the top of the back pocket is also a raw edge design, highlighting the sense of detail design.

【High-waisted light-colored denim hot pants】

01 The fit is a very simple light version, and the irregular brushed design at the hem is also my favorite, a bit like a cut treatment, it will be more casual, and its color is clean and refreshing.

02 Denim fabric with good texture, soft feeling, you can match it as much as you want! Wear it with a T-shirt, and the front hem is slightly tucked into your trousers, which will lift the waist line well and show off the leg length.

【Korean high-waisted denim shorts】

01 Korean high-waisted denim shorts that are versatile and good-looking and show their leg length, the curled effect of the cuffs is very casual, and the length of the pants with a short front and back length visually lengthens the leg line.

02 The classic high-waisted fit bodice can be easily stretched, the upper body effect is very good, the fresh denim blue does not have too many problems with matching, and simple T-shirts or vests are very suitable choices.

【Rolled-up wide-leg denim hot pants】

01 The loose fit bodice will not have a sense of restraint, and the fit of the wide-leg pants can cover the leg flesh while wearing comfortably, and various elements such as raw edges, curls, and holes are concentrated together, making people shine.

02 The rolled-edged high-waist design of the cuffs not only has a good visual modification ratio, but also does not worry about the hot pants going out, and the soft denim fabric is also very good to wear.

【Ragged fringed raw denim hot pants】

01 The old color design of denim hot pants is retro and fashionable, the design of a button placket is simple and beautiful, the whole is a high-waisted wide-leg fit, the high-waist design lengthens the body proportions, and the upper body is properly long legs.

02 The irregular raw edge design of the pants is unique, that is, it is more fashionable than others, and the simple and personalized style design can be easily controlled no matter what the top is.

【Smoky gray ripped denim hot pants】

01 Smoke-gray shorts will not look so oppressive compared to black, compared to the classic denim blue and obviously handsome, the wide-leg design is very thin effect, and can give you more space to move.

02 The design of the front short back length visually shows the slender legs, the side stitching of the pants is slightly forward, and the details of the machine are carefully designed, which can better visually modify the leg line.

Okay~ The Korean version of high-waisted hot pants brought to you by the editor, but let you wear the visual sense of long legs!

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