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This is a scarf to give my husband.

Since learn to weave sweaters, give your baby a weaving every day.


It seems that I didn’t want to give my husband to woven.

So I decided to give him a woven scarf, more than the sweater.

Take the name [先], because when weaving it,


Just look at “Tiger Xiaolong” and “Kite”


The first word of the two dramas of the actor

They are [] and [first],


So wow, simple and rudely fighting together!

Use needle: No. 8

Wire: Mercino is light gray, 6 shares

(I didn’t wash it after weaving is one meter, my husband is almost eight seconds, and he is almost high, the width is about 45 ~ 47 cm width, and the width is in fact, which is relatively large. This line must be true. With No. 11, No. 12. I used the 8th needle to make the scarf.

The style is a Taobao model that I have seen for a long time.

Emmm, no way out,

It is a combination of a double-threaded bottom plug-in.

It is exactly a swap needle pattern.

Let the mother church later decided to use this pattern to replace the double thread.

Then … Emmm … I regret it,

Because … The exchanging needle is really troublesome, so tired.

Although it looks good.


So weaving to finally stole lazy,

The knitted 16-line exchange needle pattern,

I only woven 10 lines when I ended.


Finally, this exchange needle pattern will be rolled up.

Have to let my mother helped me hot.

Although it is woven, it is found,

Female and daughter is also very good ~

What color is fitted with clothes! ! !

Ready to give yourself,

Emmmm, the premise is what I have diligent …

I prefer this scarf, because … too lazy school.


So it is basically only two periws.

It is more likely to have this clean-age student.



I think the pattern of this excitation needle,

Compare the coarse thicker line,

And it is the kind of textured wire,

It should be great!

In fact, the scene is still very good looking at Der ~~


Oh, use Excel to build a grid,


Then find the interrogation of the interchangean.

Texture brief:

98 pins. 24 groups of exchange needles, 4 needles for each pattern. Two edge needles.

• END •


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