The large screen is a perfect match for the iPhone 6 leather case that can be used as a wallet holder

Bubble Network Mobile Channel April 10 Compared with domestic accessory products, foreign products seem to be more exquisite, at least in the product material willing to pay for the cost. Generally, domestic protective cover products rarely use leather, and plastic back covers are more common, which is also true on the corresponding accessories of iPhone 6.

An iPhone 6 leather case recently seen, the Fanbey brand i-Bagger protective case. A selection of a whole sheet of high-quality leather fabric, active seven times oil edge, 9 stitches per inch. The inside of the leather case is made of the same color as the leather surface, and the matte texture is matte.

The i-Bagger holster retains the exposure of the camera, headphone jack, power on and off buttons, and volume keys, and the hole in the front earpiece position is reserved, which can be closed after answering a call and still keep the voice unimpeded. The photographic hole position is not only accurate, but also large enough, which not only protects the prominent camera, but also does not affect the iPhone 6/plus shooting effect.

The i-Bagger interior is lined with tonal leather and has an internal pocket on the inside of the flap, allowing users to conveniently store small items such as credit cards and business cards.

i-Bagger’s case protects your iPhone 6 and can be folded up so you can enjoy your favorite movies or browse the web. This leather case is now available and can be purchased here. ■

The above is the introduction and description of magnetic wallet stand PU stand for phones with high quality, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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