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(Note: The original party is from Teacher @Jessica)

Stick a recipe first~

Whole wheat flour 180g, gluten flour 125g, milk 210g, salt 4g, instant yeast 6g, butter 27g, honey 50g, eggs 25g

The practice has changed slightly


1. Put all the ingredients except butter into the mixing tank of the chef machine

2. Turn on Variable 1 to roughly mix the dough into a dough

You can see that there is a lot of dry flour attached to the edge of the mixing tank, stop and use a spatula or scraper to roughly mix the dough and dry flour, and start stirring again on 1st gear until the dry flour is basically invisible

You can see that the dough is rough and basically gluten after being roughly mixed, and I used this step for about 2 and a half minutes

3. Stir on 2 gears for about 15 minutes, if you see more dough attached around the mixing tank, remember to stop and scrape the splashed dough

After stirring on 2 settings for 15 minutes, you can see that the dough is much smoother than at the beginning, and it is basically not attached to the mixing tank when stirring, and butter can be added at this time~

4. After adding butter, turn on 1st gear until the dough and butter are mixed well, at first the dough and butter are separated, and slowly the butter will be absorbed by the dough

This process took about 3 minutes and the dough completely absorbed the butter, but it was not particularly smooth

5. Turn to Variable 2 and continue stirring for about 5-6 minutes, see that only a small part of the dough sticks to the bottom of the mixing tank, the following three pictures can see that the dough is getting smoother and smoother, and less and less dough is attached to the bottom of the mixing tank

6. Scrape the dough around the mixing tank into the main dough, start 3 gears to stir the dough for about 1 minute, if you are afraid of hurting the machine, you can continue to stir in 2 gears

When the mixing is finally stopped, the dough probably looks like this ~ very smooth, but because there is a considerable proportion of whole wheat flour, the smoothness of the complete stage of white bread is still much worse~

Stretch open a small piece of dough and check

You can pull the film, the edge of the hole is not smooth, this state is almost the same ~ a close-up of the hole

Paste an approximate time of each stage for your reference, I use Haijian 740

Counting time 1 is the stage of mixing dough into dough at Variable 1

Count 2 for 2 gears and stir until the stage before adding butter

Count 3 for 1 gear stirring until the dough completely absorbs the butter

Counting times 4 is 2 gears of stirring until the dough is basically out of the mixing cylinder stage

Counting times 5 is a 3-speed rapid mixing stage

Count times 6 for hand shaking, please ignore ~

Please adjust according to the actual state of the dough! The data is for reference only!

7. Pat a little high powder or odorless cooking oil on your hands to prevent sticking, take out the stirred dough, form a ball and put it into a container smeared with a thin layer of cooking oil and ferment until it is 2-2.5 times larger. Remember to cover the plastic wrap ~ finger dipped high powder poke hole test does not retract or collapse is good~

8. Take out the fermented dough, pat the exhaust, please treat the fermented dough gently ~ Divide it into 9 small portions, knead round, evenly arrange it into a 20×20cm mold, and ferment it twice in a warm and humid place to 2 times larger, if the mold size is the same, ferment until almost full mold~

This is called kneading not round

9. Preheat oven to 205°C

10. The bread is brushed with milk, the brush is easier to use ~ bake for about 20 minutes, according to the flexible adjustment of the own oven, Jessica teacher uses the embedded temperature is more accurate, the general temperature of the household small oven is high ~ because the honey content in the recipe is high, the color is almost the same, remember to cover the tin foil Oh ~ brush the surface of the oven with butter or butter honey mixture, demold and cool and eat

This time lazy didn’t brush anything~ The surface is very rustic


Jessica’s whole wheat bread uses a lot of honey, so the bread is very soft and moist, and it is the best and least likely to fail whole wheat recipe I have ever made~

Pasting the previous hand kneading dough made ~

After this one is baked, brushed with a mixture of butter and honey, shiny and oily, the skin tastes sweet, the exhaust and kneading are not done well, the shape is a little strange If you find that there are large bubbles after kneading the round, you can poke it with a toothpick ~


Post a link to the chef machine~

Hauswirt/Hauswirt/Hai’s HM740 Kitchen Center 1000W Cooking Machine Household Fully Automatic Electric Dough Machine…

It should have been used for more than a year, and I feel that the performance is still good for the 100-yuan machine~ I will have time to write a detailed evaluation in the future~ Domestic products should be self-improvement

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