Preface – Announcement: Looking for the owner of a Gamma LT Hoody soft shell

Blessed are you who open this review~~

Xiaobian knows that you who love outdoor enthusiasts have planted endless prairies in your heart. Want to own a Gamma LT Hoody too? It’s not hard to buy what is worth buying.

This time what is worth buying United Archaeopteryx specially prepared a Gamma LT Hoody soft shell and three Archaeopteryx short-sleeved T-shirts, just click the button below, say the reason why you want to have this soft shell, what will you wear it for, Xiaobian will pick out the best owner of this soft shell, they will be accompanied by the smile of the courier uncle, delivered to your hand.

At that time, we will announce the Lucky Friend ID on the occasion of the release of this event review video (May 4), so please stay tuned for the progress of the event~

Let’s get back to business, let’s talk about the scene of the Nanjing station of “Value Talk”~~

Today, when urban sports have become a topic, people who love sports may have countless choices in the way of exercise. But no matter what choice is chosen, in a city where intensity and pressure are shared, there is always poetry and distant places in everyone’s hearts that cannot be forgotten. The theme of our second phase is “Embrace Nature Over the Hills”, in the spring water of the first birth of Qinhuai, outdoor brand Archaeopteryx and what is worth buying together will take you from the cement forest to the original natural mountain, feel the sea of stars on the journey. Today, let’s take a look at the photo report sent back from the scene, and there will be a full video review on May 4.

This “Value Theory” has received a positive response from Nanjing’s value friends, and we will go to various cities to meet with you. This time, we would also like to thank our partners Archaeopteryx and Nanjing News Radio for their strong support to this event!

The difference between this check-in session and the past is that what is worth buying specially prepared a Polaroid photo session for each duty friend, and in the subsequent interactive lottery session, it is really “face” to meet people~

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the event started on time, and with the BGM of “Blue Lotus”, the pop-up team brought the first small surprise to the scene.

In today’s diversified consumption, what is worth buying, I hope that every friend can spend the same money and enjoy a higher quality of life. Adhering to this concept, “Value Theory” is also happy to be an export of such a concept, becoming a channel for the consumption upgrade of value friends and a booster of a better life.

At the scene of “Value Theory”, like-minded value friends spoke freely and shared their outdoor experiences and life insights.

Share a friend – Gulin

Share a friend – Mr. Mosquito Coil

This time, “Value Theory” invited Verona, regional brand marketing manager of Archaeopteryx China. This top outdoor brand, which has maintained a high level of creativity in the professional outdoor field, also unveiled its mystery for the guests at this event.

There are also enthusiastic friends who act as the “human hanger” of Archaeopteryx.

Verona also carefully prepared 5 small interactive questions this time, which was difficult for the “big gods” on the spot, and the value friends who answered the questions correctly received magnesium powder bags provided by Archaeopteryx.

After learning about Archaeopteryx, the editors also prepared a sumptuous buffet for the friends on duty, and they were full of strength to participate in the interaction – the lottery.

There are also lucky friends who are extremely excited to get prizes.

Of course, the friends are not only “on the road”, but also can play and sing. Duty friend Xiaoyuki bounced the ukulele from Hawaii and sent the warm warmth of the Pacific Ocean to the value friend.

At the event site, we also arranged an indoor rock climbing experience program for the duty friends, and invited Coach Li Tongxing, who had climbed Tianzhu Mountain with his bare hands and was known as the “Asian Spider Man”.

Under the guidance and advice of Coach Li, those who are eager to start outdoor experience but are difficult to achieve due to actual conditions can also enjoy outdoor fun.

What makes everyone more straight (xian) (mu) feel (ji) and (du) atmosphere (hen) is, of course, the most professional posture and the most smooth climbing value friend selected by Coach Li, and won a beautiful sun hat provided by Archaeopteryx for all table value friends.

After the exciting climbing PK, the friends were attracted by the open climbing area, and Verona also participated in the climbing experience.

Look at! This friend also specially prepared full-body equipment.

At this point, the sharing meeting of this issue of “Value Theory” is over, is there still a little unfinished? Don’t worry, maybe our next place to go is your city. Where do you want us to go? Come and leave a message in the comment area~

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