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The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the ancient celestial cult, because the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival is “the largest and roundest”.

People regard the full moon as a symbol of reunion, cherishing their hometown and loved ones, and praying for a good harvest and happiness. The Mid-Autumn Festival was designated as the 15th day of the eighth lunar month from the Song Dynasty and was declared a national intangible cultural heritage in 2006.




The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, and the customs of the festival vary from place to place, but one thing is the same, that is, the famous Mid-Autumn Festival food – mooncakes. With the moon as the name and the circle as the shape, it reflects the cultural tradition and good wishes of Chinese reunion and peace.

There are many types of mooncakes in the Kunming market, how should we choose? To this end, the editor “angrily” ate hundreds of mooncakes in Spring City, and found that these 5 are the most popular, let’s see if there is a favorite among you?


Cloud leg mooncakes

As an old Kunming person, if you only eat one kind of mooncake in the Mid-Autumn Festival to respond to the solar term, it must be a cloud-legged mooncake. Cloud leg mooncakes have a long history, dating back to the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and were first called “cloud leg buns”, which can be called one of the “most Kunming” cuisines and a delicious business card of Yunnian-style pastries.

Cloud leg mooncake is made of the best part of Sherwin-Williams ham cut into small pieces, with winter honey, lard, white sugar, etc. to make the filling, the flour is also particularly particular, the authentic must use Kunming Chenggong purple wheat flour. The baked mooncake is brown and slightly hard in appearance, and it is crispy and not scattered when eaten, so it is commonly known as “hard shell ham cake”.

It needs to be specially noted that only mooncakes made with Sherwin-Williams ham can be called cloud leg mooncakes, and others can only be called ham mooncakes.

The surface of the cloud-leg mooncake is a golden yellow or brown-red hard shell, and the mille-feuille puff pastry is wrapped in the filling, which not only has the fragrant aroma of ham and salty aroma, but also has the moist and sweet fragrance of fine winter honey, which is a must-have delicacy for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Flowers mooncakes

Kunming is a veritable “flower city” with flowers blooming in all seasons, so how can the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake be without the blessing of flowers?

Yunnan flower mooncakes have long been famous, and Yunnan mooncakes are the representative of Yunnan-style mooncakes, and are the most Yunnan characteristic dim sum. Its history dates back to the Qing Dynasty more than 300 years ago, and it is said that it was a royal spot of the court because of its characteristic flavor, and was deeply loved by the Qianlong Emperor.

Yunnan flower mooncake is made with Yunnan’s unique edible roses, and you can feel a unique floral fragrance in the mouth, refreshing and refreshing, and the petals are full of tenacity and endless aftertaste.

Because flowers are richer in nutrients than ordinary vegetables, regular consumption of flowers has higher health value and has the characteristics of beauty and beauty.


Five kernel mooncakes

Wuren mooncake can be described as a classic among the mooncake classics, which is enduring and is one of the favorite mooncake flavors of Kunming people. But to ask which five ren is the five ren, it is estimated that many people can’t say everything, today the editor will popularize it to everyone.

In the new version of the mooncake standard promulgated in 2005, it is clearly stipulated that only mooncakes processed into filling using five main raw materials: walnut kernels, almonds, olive kernels, melon seeds and sesame seeds can be called “five-kernel mooncakes”~

Wuren belongs to the nut or seed category, rich in nutrients, the natural fragrance of the five kernels blended in one cake, crispy and delicious, unique flavor, so that Wuren mooncake has always had many fans; And plant seeds contain high unsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are beneficial to the body.


Wash sand mooncakes

Washing sand mooncakes are deeply loved by Kunming people. The so-called “washing sand” is actually “bean paste”. Because the washing sand filling is made of beans, it has the fragrance of beans, and the puff pastry is wrapped in layers of puff pastry, and usually the shell is covered with a red seal, which is visually beautiful.

Similar to the washed sand filling, there is also a date paste filling, the filling is very close in color, and it looks like it is all black paste stuffed throughout the cake. The jujube paste filling is sweet with a hint of bitterness characteristic of red dates.

For the old Kunming people, washing sand and jujube mud mooncakes are both gastronomic memories of that era. The skin is soft and sweet, and the filling is dense, long and nutritious.


Red and white mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes have many flavors, but Kunming people have two cakes that must be eaten on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which are red and white mooncakes.

Red cakes are made with soba noodles and filled with white sand (white sugar) or washed sand (bean paste); White cakes are shortbread made from puff pastry or bread with a white crust made from flour, filled with ham. Red and white mooncakes are simple in appearance, but they are the purest Kunming taste.

Because the red and white mooncakes are larger, they are especially suitable for family sharing and sharing to reunite.

The above mooncake varieties are different, different flavors, you can choose according to your taste, in addition, in addition to today’s classic taste, a variety of new flavors are also very many, such as chicken fir mooncakes, beef dry mooncakes, etc., you may wish to buy and taste.

Tomorrow is China’s traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival, here, I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion, and all the best!

From: Kunming Cultural Tourism

Source: Kunming release

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