As we all know, the induction cooker has the characteristics of heating block and simple operation, and the induction cooker has become an indispensable living kitchenware in most of our family life!

However, in the process of using the induction cooker, you may appear that the induction cooker that you just bought back, the pot is not heated when it is put up, and finally it is found that the pot is not suitable for the induction cooker.

The so-called induction cooker is the name of electromagnetic induction heating, which uses electromagnetic induction technology to generate heat in the pot itself.

Among them, the heating principle of the induction cooker is that the current passes through the coil disc, generating a high-frequency alternating magnetic field, iron pots cutting magnetic fields, and iron molecules colliding at high speed, generating a large amount of heat energy.

So, which pots should we use in the process of using the induction cooker?

These conditions are required

1. Contains magnetic permeable materials and contains iron

2. The bottom is flat, generally the bottom diameter is greater than 10cm, not more than 26cm, and the diameter is less than 6cm if it is not heated

General induction cookers commonly use pots and pans

Iron pot, cast iron baking pan, stainless steel soup pot, cast iron casserole, enamel pot

If it is a special pot: aluminum soup pot, aluminum casserole, but the bottom of the pot must have an iron sheet. In addition, glass pots, ceramic pots, and a layer of metal coating sprayed on the bottom of the pot, on the induction cooker, are not recommended.

Therefore, everyone should match the appropriate pot in the process of using the induction cooker, so that the effect of use will be better.

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