This season,

How to get a twist long sweater

I have been a long time, I finally pulled it.

蹭, the thick needle is too fast,

Weaving 5 groups have no pressure,

National Day is at home

Weaving, 4 days


Don’t be afraid of being fat, absolutely tibble


Twist sweaters and fur are super with wooden


The line is from “Edel. Snow”,


Just the amount of 16 regiments (75 grams, equal to 2.4 catties)


Soft,, hanging … warm, you don’t know

The pattern reference “according to cute” graphics

There is no technical content of the whole clothes, and the novice is absolutely roaring.

5.0mm sides, 7.0mm body

Draw a sketch record


Collar pick 80-pin double ripper 15 line (8cm) end clutch

I can’t graphize, thank you “according to cute” design, great

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