1. Mofei portable kettle

There was a big V party, Qin Xiaobeast gave me one thing, is a portable electric kettle, I like it very much, although I bought Oumu’s, but this one is more compact, at that time because I felt that the price was higher and did not recommend it (that is MR6080, the price is about 298 yuan), this time Mofei people came to me, said to launch a new product MR6090, can give a fan welfare price, I look, than 99 bargain festival is 10 yuan discount, if it is a price of 189 yuan, it is really very cost-effective.

Please note that there are no coupons directly from the Taobao page, so there is no discount on the price, and you need to use a special Taobao password. There is in the back.

I actually use this pot at home, because although I have a bear health pot, it is not insulated, and I often boil a lot of water when I use a health pot, and every time I use a part, it will be cold when you put it, and the current division of labor is like this:

The health pot is responsible for making tea or when you need a lot of water, such as these days, a Ganoderma lucidum every day cut the decoction, boil a large pot, you can drink all day.

Mofei is used to boil hot water, exactly 400ml, you can brew a pot of rattan tea, or a pot of Mingmu tea, no more, no less, so the lid is usually put aside, no need to keep warm.

The day after tomorrow, go out to the Philippines, bring a mofly pot, a fast cup, and good tea, and you can drink tea while watching the sea and blowing the wind on the cruise.

About the hot water kettle in the hotel, there was another incident some time ago, and it was so disgusting that people didn’t want to say it, anyway, now I would rather bring my own kettle, convenient and assured. Compared with Oumu’s one, the capacity of the Mofei pot is just right, and the appearance is also high, so it is now placed on the table when not in use, which matches the style of the home.

The water boils quickly, it will automatically cut off the electricity, and if it is busy, it does not need to be treated as soon as the water is turned on.

The base of the power cord is a hidden design, otherwise, dragging a line is really ugly, and it is placed there like a vase after storage.

The neck is just held in one hand and has a silicone non-slip design that can be easily poured into the cup.

Wide voltage, can be used worldwide, so I am also ready to bring it to Persia and amaze foreign friends (when I went to Turkey last year, the mobile phone I brought with me to take pictures of fill lights can allow foreign KOLs to make forsythia thumbs up in China, so this time I will also take it out to win glory for the country).

And I think this is also very good for gifts, especially friends who often travel for business, yesterday I specially bought one for raindrops, because I think she often runs out, and she is a doctor, and pays more attention to the hotel hygiene environment.

From the company’s point of view, it is possible to send one to employees who travel frequently, so that it can reflect human care.

Speaking of which, I recommend it late, otherwise as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift, I personally think it is better than mooncakes… I’m very afraid of collecting mooncakes now, because I can’t eliminate them, so tonight I invited a group of friends to help eat mooncakes and taste good tea, of course, I can’t do without the little beast that sent me a flying pot.

For a more detailed introduction, let’s look directly at the product page, because I met a friend for dinner this afternoon, and I also have to organize a mooncake elimination activity, and the time is a little


, will not go into length.

Mofei portable kettle insulation household integrated automatic stainless steel travel electric kettle dormitory students 【Free shipping】

【At price】239.00 yuan

【After-coupon price】189.00 yuan

【Order link】https://m.tb.cn/h.eO15qi0


Copy this information, $3Y8sYOzzjL4$, go to [Mobile Taobao] to view

And this multifunctional pot Mofei is also engaged in activities, now it is particularly cost-effective, when I bought it was more than a thousand yuan, now it is only 850. The function of this pot is really powerful, after I bought this pot, in fact, some pots have retired, and the most commonly used now are Mofei pot, steamer, snow flat pan.

British Mofei multi-functional cooking pot electric barbecue meat net celebrity Douyin hot pot integrated household steaming and frying free shipping 【Free shipping】

【At price】1090.00 yuan

【After-coupon price】850.00 yuan

【Order link】https://m.tb.cn/h.eO1ezDC

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At that time, I deliberately chose olive green, because it is the same color as the kitchen appliance in “Ghost” (the kitchen is too dark, this time I will not shoot my pot, I used a ready-made picture):

It was because I bought this pot last time, when I was showing in the happy foodie group, Shen Xiaoyi saw it and introduced Mofei to me, so I had this cooperation.

So I think it’s very necessary to recommend Xiaoyi’s book again, after all, with kitchenware, you must also master cooking methods to eat well:

2. Mingmu tea

When I saw this tea while shopping around Taobao, I was attracted by the colors and ingredients, and the ingredients were all clear: goji berries, light bamboo leaves, chrysanthemums, cassia seeds, licorice.

Anyway, it’s cheap, just buy it and try it.

When I saw the packaging and pouch when I received it yesterday, I was surprised, and the material selected inside was really good.

Immediately rushed to drink, it is indeed beautiful and delicious, a total of 20 packs, each pack is more than a dollar on average, the cost performance is really high, for my bright eyes, I also worked hard: drink tea, use eye protection spray and warm eye patches, and double easy massage.

Stay up late, essential tea, mingmu tea, soak water, drink things, summer chrysanthemum tea, go to the fire, clear heat, herbal tea, clear fire, detoxify 【Free shipping】

【At price】29.90 yuan

【Price after coupon】26.90 yuan

【Order link】https://m.tb.cn/h.eO1g50v

Copy this message, $6hg4YOzACqd$, and go to [Mobile Taobao] to view

3. Enshi vine tea

Not long ago, the headline engaged in activities, sent me a box of good vine tea, I have not touched this tea before, it is made of grape leaves of the toothed snake, rich in dihydromyricetin, I checked Baidu Encyclopedia, which reads:

Such substances have a variety of peculiar effects such as scavenging free radicals, antioxidant, antithrombotic, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, etc.; Dihydromyricetin is a special flavonoid, in addition to the general characteristics of flavonoids, it also has the effect of relieving alcohol poisoning, preventing alcoholic liver and fatty liver, inhibiting the deterioration of liver cells, and reducing the incidence of liver cancer. It is a good product for liver protection and liver protection, hangover and sobering.

In layman’s terms, it can improve the body’s immunity, protect the throat, reduce inflammation and dehumidification, suitable for staying up late, white-collar workers, foodies, people with a voice and people who smoke and drink, I don’t smoke except for smoking, everything else seems to meet (but I’m not a heavy drinker, just tasting). The mouth is slightly bitter and the aftertaste is sweet, so be sure to drink it slowly.

This good rattan tea sold on the headlines, 20 packs, 40g, the price is 69 yuan, the gift is very suitable, because it is bagged, so it is also very convenient to carry on business trips.

After I drank it, I felt that I could drink it at home every day, and the bagged one was used when I traveled (in fact, it had been almost lost by my gift), so I searched and found a 69 yuan 500g package, which was delivered this morning, and immediately brewed and drank, the taste is the same.

If you want to bag, you can find it on my headline: https://








If you want to bulk you can use the following link, 500g contains four bags, each bag of 125g, it feels very scientific. The bag opened today is ready to be rushed to everyone to taste at night (in addition to vine tea, there are also Ganoderma lucidum tea, oolong tea sent by Nai Xue’s tea, etc.), in addition to drinking, you have to take it with you, happy, right?

Enshi Selenium-rich Vine Tea Laifeng Wild Berry Tea Genuine Special Health Stream Yellow Grass Amber Vine Tea New Moldy Tea 500g 【Free Shipping】

【At price】69.00 yuan

【Order link】https://m.tb.cn/h.eO17D7p

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