Spring is coming, and beautiful clothes and shoes are armed;

Do you always feel that there are still some shortcomings? I always feel that I am not beautiful enough!

You are always envious of which celebrity or blogger can wear the same basic style as us, so fashionable and high-end.

But when it comes to yourself, it’s just casual clothes!!!

Yuan Quan


Accessories, accessories!

Key Points:

Earrings, earrings!!

After we carefully put on makeup, we wore carefully matched clothing bags and shoes; A delicate face, did you find anything missing?


That’s right, fashionable and smart girls never ignore the power of accessories!!

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Spring clothes are indispensable for suits, and how can a suit be missing earrings?!

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How much magic do tiny earrings have on our overall makeup? Let’s go for a walk to the spring/summer 2022 fashion show.

Amazing, is it?

The supermodels not only wear the clothes out of the ultimate sense of fashion, but also wear the accessories out of fashion and high-class beauty.

However, I think that the celebrities we like wear jewelry not only with pyrotechnics, but also with a different style and sense of fashion.

Medium-length blazer, with a floral shirt, let Sister Tao wear personality and handsomeness;

The unique shape of the earrings made Sister Tao instantly gentle again!

Reba put the spring color on his body, and the big silver earrings are so eye-catching!!

The most difficult white shirt to wear is worn on Reba’s body with slender earrings, and it is beautiful to a new height!

Heartbeat or not?

Do the girls who forgot to wear their earrings today want to go home and put them on immediately?

01 Book Girl Let’s go to the literary style

The clean and elegant girl is as sweet and pleasant as a cup of tea, and chooses pearl, metal and flower earrings to make your temperament more poetic and charming.

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Poetry, the representative beauty of literature and art, the blessing of clothing and accessories, coupled with her elegant temperament, is like a meticulously sketched landscape painting, delicate and delicate.

Sweet and fresh earrings, the first choice for poetry.

The simpler the earrings, the more they can reflect a woman’s sophistication, and with everyday clothing, they are equally elegant and moving.

Pearl earrings are really the standard of poetry, whether it is blockbuster or private clothing, pearls can always make poetry’s temperament beautiful!

The minimalist stud earrings, the super choice of literary and artistic girls, are not only fresh and cute, but also highlight the gentle temperament of the girls.

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Ying baby, after experiencing marriage, seems to have become an earring lover, her previous private clothes rarely wear earrings, always very light look.

At the beginning of the year before last, she almost every look had different earrings, and each earring used to match the overall outfit was simple and not exaggerated, on the basis of highlighting her flexible temperament, it also added a bit of light and mature temperament to her.

Yingbao, who is dressed in a suit, is simply beautiful and sassy, and the big earrings add a bit of style.

Sister Tao is dressed in spring color, with minimalist oval earrings, a proper temperament goddess

The light face is the goddess of literature and art, Zhou Yutong, full of books, unforgettable temperament beauty.

pink floral shirt dress, bright and playful and cute, a pair of simple pearl stud earrings;

It brings out the agility of a girl and the romance of a light mature woman.

Zhou Yutong

pink floral skirt, gray-pink suit, a pair of large metal earrings;

Instantly advanced and pink, spring is tender is right.

Floral skirt with white shirt, a long trench coat, big earrings to grab the camera, beautiful and stylish.

02 Big women in the workplace Let’s be Queen Fan

Tang Wei, who returned to the peak of his appearance, began to have more queen Fan in his literary and artistic temperament,

Suit with big red lips and metal earrings,

Temperament exploded.

Red one-piece suit pants, with “chopping man” flaming red lips, design geometric earrings are the focus, wash independence, and never forget.

Suit with red lips and big earrings, beautiful and clean.

This outfit is simply a supermodel with a stunning temperament, white color matching black base, gold earrings and sunglasses walking on the street.

Fashion blogger

A black body can also highlight the excellent temperament, metal earrings, neutralizing the dullness of the color~

A literary and artistic costume, because of a pair of metal earrings, the sense of fashion and high-end instantly walked~

Enthusiasm is like fire, “lock” to the invincible workplace modern girl, every appearance is like a catwalk, accessories and clothing match absolutely hot.

Ni Ni

Big red lips + earrings, a pair made in heaven, more suitable for beauty with strong facial features, easily become fashionable.

The representative of atmospheric beauty, the matching of clothing is completely textbook level, and each earring seems to be born for her.

A beautiful reference for the party dinner category.

Geometric silk scarf + white shirt + geometric stud earrings, as well as big red lips and long curly hair;

Vintage to the fullest!!

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Cool sunglasses, with minimalist pearl stud earrings, are simply fashion textbooks~

The eyes are all on this pair of big earrings, and the aura is really powerful to fly~~

A handsome denim jacket that becomes romantic thanks to a pair of graceful earrings.

Beauty in thick face, beauty in temperament, beauty in aura, mixed in one, of course

A representative beauty with excellent temperament

Short hair + simple earrings, modify the face shape out of the circle in minutes, transparent and sober, uninhibited;

All the accessories instantly became fashionable and high-end on her.

Simple white shirts are the easiest to wear as passers-by, learn Yuan Quan with gold pearl earrings, exquisite and high-grade, fashionable seconds up ~

No matter how minimalist the stud earrings are, when they reach Yuan Quan’s ears, they look ingenious and match the most basic shirts

All of them reveal the unique taste of women in elegance.

Dressed in snow-white and simple stud earrings, the high-end sense of pure color is carried out to the end!

If there is no white skin, wearing a pair of gentle pearl stud earrings is the best choice.

Super cool white sunglasses, with big metal earrings, walking on the street, who does you not suck the sun?

The white shirt that is difficult to control and match, a skirt that is extremely ladylike, makes the whole person become tender like water,

A pair of gold earrings that transition the distance between white and dark coffee.

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03 Hong Kong style short hair How to wear earrings in a variety of styles?

Ni Ni’s retro Hong Kong-style short hair not only went out of the hot search quickly, but also drove a group of stars in the circle to change their appearance; Their transformed appearance is bright and compelling, and it is not too much to describe the style.

The Hong Kong style shape of the big red lip, how to match the earrings?

Song Zuer’s retro blockbuster, big red lips green clothes with gold earrings, many people are praising her beauty.

Guo Caijie’s boyish short hair, with large metal earrings, is also amazing;

Girls who don’t have a perfect face shape, be cautious.

Kim Tae-ri’s Hong Kong-style shape looks full of agility thanks to a pair of playful and cute earrings.

Chen Xiaoyun’s feminine look suddenly increases the sense of fashion due to geometric earrings.

Wang Ou is the temperament of a big woman, and this earring adds a lot of style on the basis of the Hong Kong style temperament.

There are many accessories to wear, but this spring,

Wear the right clothes, wear the right earrings!

Trendy upgrade!!

Absolutely beautiful crying your girlfriend!!!

Yuan Quan

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Ni Ni

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