In winter, it is easy to wear bulging season, in order to keep warm, the layering of down jackets and sweaters is easier to make us fat and fat, normal body wants to wear well, it is already necessary to spend more thought, how can plus-size girls dress better in winter?

Ashley Graham, a world-famous plus-size model, has quite a say in this matter.

Although she weighs 180 pounds, she has always been confident, usually wearing all kinds of tights and swimwear, and she is also present in major fashion weeks and fashion departments.

Moreover, she often appears in A-list fashion magazines such as Vogue, ELLE and Grazia.

The photo below of the supermodel that once brushed the screen, I don’t know if you have an impression? Even wearing the same clothes as the admittedly good figures, Ashley Graham is not lost in momentum, showing the beauty of a plus-size woman to the fullest.

Today, we will borrow pictures of Ashley Graham to see what practical beauty tips can be used in the winter for the 180-pound plus-size body. If plus-size girls can easily appear thin with these tricks, then girls with ordinary bodies can learn more demeanor and temperature!

Formula 1: coat + slim skirt

Although the fashion industry is very popular in the winter, the size of the plus-size woman itself is not small, and it is very easy to look bloated if you layer a few more layers, and few pictures shown by Ashley Graham have more than 2 layers.

Moreover, in terms of color selection, she prefers to use dark colors to create a sense of visual contraction.

Black is the color used by Ashley Graham the most, and she often wears all kinds of slim little black dresses in winter as a base for a warm coat. Look, with a sexy little black dress, even wearing a bulky teddy bear coat Ashley Graham is not afraid, the contrast between wide and tight is just enough to show his bumpy figure.

However, when wearing dark colors, Ashley Graham will pay attention to creating skin exposure, sometimes choosing slanted shoulder underwear, sometimes choosing skirts with large V-necks, or obvious slits and legs, as long as the skin is partially exposed, it can break the weight of dark colors.

In the choice of coat, Ashley Graham is also quite scheming. Most of the time, she prefers harder materials, as long as she chooses a suitable fit, she can better optimize the curves of her body, rather than lying on her stomach to let the flesh work. Especially after wearing the belt, it can be worn to feel more beautiful.

If you want to hide meat, in addition to working clothing materials and shapes, you can also spend time on color. Compared to solid colors, patterned fabrics can have a more “visual confusion” effect. Snake prints like the one pictured below, Ashley Graham often wears, over dresses, and wears it beautifully to any party.

As a busty woman of 180 pounds, Ashley Graham’s breasts are quite “surging”, so the choice of collar style will greatly affect her upper body effect. In addition to the large neckline, Ashley Graham usually likes to choose long pointed collars, and the collars are not too large, and the petal collar and curved collar that make the body rounder will not appear in her outfit.

Big-breasted girls who want to look thin, when choosing a coat in autumn and winter, you can also refer to Ashley Graham’s collar choice.

Formula 2: Long waist suit

Among the various coats, Ashley Graham especially likes suits with a cinched waist, and as a curvy plus-size model, the waist-cinched fit makes her more curvy. In addition, the suits she chose are basically made of hard and stiff materials, and the crisp material hides the flesh more obviously.

Looking at the side photo of her in a suit, is it so beautiful that people forget her weight? This kind of “no matter how fat not fat face” physique is really enviable!

When it comes to particularly important occasions, even wearing a long waist suit directly is super outstanding. Usually the places where we will hoard meat are the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and the long suit can cover these parts to maximize the exposure of the legs, and the natural thinning effect is good.

When participating in the Met Gala before, Ashley Graham used this dress, and the color also chose the super eye-catching Gucci red and green suit, no wonder it is so eye-catching!

The next time the girls have an important occasion that needs to be full of aura, you can also challenge this dressing method, worry about the vacuum wearing too much, and layer a small suspender inside to solve the problem.

Speaking of which, although Ashley Graham is not lightweight, she usually pays attention to sports, and she also does all kinds of difficult yoga movements easily.

I also often exercise with friends to strengthen the entertainment of sports.

Therefore, her muscle line weighing 180 pounds is still tight, her lower abdomen is also flat, and her body curves are more obvious and exaggerated because of her large size, and her swimsuit show makes Qin Yang look shy. Coupled with her beautiful looks and super confidence, it can be said that it makes up for the previous aesthetic gap in the fashion industry, no wonder it is so sought after by big names.

After watching these collocations of Ashley Graham, did you find that you have mastered the method, in fact, it is not difficult to appear thin in winter.

Of course, if you want to dress well, the main thing is confidence, like Ashley Graham, breaking the worldly view with an aura can indeed make yourself cool and beautiful!

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