Tight leggings can be said to be a single product that is very like, but it is also a very “extreme” single product. If the body is beautiful, it can easily show the advantages of the body, but for women with elephant legs, helix legs, wearing “tight leggings” is easy to expose their own shortcomings, so many women are It loves again.

So, is this “drawback” really can’t solve it? Here, you can purely telling you that there is a way, as long as you choose the length of the jacket, the defects on the leg can be covered, and you can create a very fashionable effect.


Next, you will share a few winter tights and tips and techniques for friends, I hope to help those legs that are not very good, and easily create a trendy image.

Correct wearing of tight leggings

Women who don’t be very good, should be “long-term short-term” when wearing clothes, using the version of the clothing to cover the shortcomings, better show their own advantages, so that fashion feelings can be greatly improved, image Naturally there will be improved. Like women with thick legs, legs are not very good, you can use this kind of dressing skills, easily create a stylish shape.

For example, choose a jacket that grows over the knee, the defects on the legs will naturally cover up, as long as the small open ankle can make the wearing a very fashionable, but also add the shape of the shape.

Similarly, the down jacket can also show a very fashionable effect, but also greatly enhance the warmth of the dress, easily achieve the winter shape coexisting in the “wind and temperature”. If you want to create a non-bloated image, it is recommended that your friends also choose a slim version of the down jacket, but also optimize the body, more trends.

In addition to the jacket, we should pay attention to the match on your feet, like boots, knee boots are nice choices, and increase the temperature while it is. If you like to wear a low-handed shoes, try to match the stockings, keep warm and add a color color, look very well.

If you like a small child girl in a short down jacket, you may wish to try a combination of “long skirt + leggings”, but also highlight the charm of women, but also create a favorable image. The most important thing is that such a match can be optimized to the size, thereby achieving a high visual effect, which is very suitable for short children.

When choosing the down jacket and the long skirt, the shape of the leggings must pay attention to the match between clothing color, avoiding violations. It is recommended that everyone chooses “shallow deep” color method, like this kind of beige duvet cloth with black or coffee dress, fresh, sweet and unstable, and it is very atmospheric.

Regardless of which to choose the above wear mode, the most important thing is to choose a warm tight leggings, which is convenient to show the beauty of your legs. So, here, here, some friends and techniques of picking up leggings, and recommend a very good leggings.

How to choose leggings?

In winter, leggings will undoubtedly choose plus velvet, but not to say that all plus velvet leggings can keep warm. In contrast, the larger the pants, the larger the pants, and the warm effect is definitely better, and there is also to choose anti-allergic velvet. It is the most important thing for your health. It is also the most attention to your friends.

There is also to choose the flexible leggings, it is not only beneficial to shape the perfect body, but also more convenient for fatters.


When mixing leggings, the color of the trousers is not necessarily to choose black, like wine red, purple, and ink green are very nice, you can make it more charming, and more colorful.


Friends friends may wish to understand this leggings:

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200 pounds plus fertilizer plus velvet leggings

¥ 39.8


Recommended reason: rich style, can meet the fashion needs of different women, and the oversized flexibility is very packaged, fatters don’t have to worry about the body problem. Especially the color is very rich, it is more convenient to better show personal charm. It is also more convenient to match.



A friendly leggings, it is more convenient for friends who are more convenient, but also make cold winter feelings. The most important, you can make your body friends, create a more charming figure.

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