“If you were climbing in various terrains and could only buy one pair of hiking shoes, which pair would you choose?”

This is a very difficult question that is often asked by friends.

I myself may choose wild running shoes, flexible and lightweight, breathable and comfortable, excellent foot feel and grip, in addition to poor support protection, durability and cost performance are also a headache for a long time.

For novices with poor muscle strength, most outdoor store clerks may recommend heavy hiking shoes with better support and protection, thick leather surface and PU cushioned sole, but the high weight of support also adds a lot of burden to the novice’s foot muscles.

If you go back to the problem itself, dealing with a variety of terrain and combining weight, price, support and comfort, the Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX series is probably the most recommended balanced choice on the market.

At first, I wanted to write “only recommendation” at the beginning, but it seemed a little too bloody. Actually wearing the X Ultra 4 GTX tested several trips, in addition to the simple appearance and jumping color matching has helped it add a lot of points, lightweight, comfortable and flexible driving, anti-torsion support excellent protection, X Ultra 4 GTX for me is a pair of very reliable shoes, as for other very rich small details slowly.

【Shoe design】

Shoe body

X Ultra 4 has simple and neat exterior lines, and the design of local jumping colors on the color matching is also eye-catching, almost not seeing the “functional taste” of the previous generation, but more trendy fashion sense. This time, I specially chose a pair of bright blue that is different from ordinary hiking shoes, which is quite dazzling and bright in the mountain trail, and it will not look obtrusive if you walk and jump in the city.

The toe cap protection is quite adequate, while the front side support leather is more changed to a heat bond, reducing many stitches and also giving the appearance a more minimalist look.


The padding design of the heel of the low-top men’s shoes has become longer, and it is super convenient to put on and take off without pulling the webbing loop at the back, and the additional benefit should be that it can have some more anti-collision protection for the back of the foot.

The design of the rear end of the sole is significantly longer and the curve extends backwards, which is completely the embodiment of the spirit of the wild running shoe into the X Ultra 4, so that the sole curve is more in line with the walking inertia and can also make the stability of fast travel better.


The design of the tongue this time is very different from the past, and it seems that even the original factory did not emphasize this part.

In addition to the length of the tongue shortened to a length similar to that of a wild running shoe, the X Ultra 4 tongue is self-movable, and the waterproof part is provided by a Gore-tex fabric covered in an elastic mesh cloth on the body. This new tongue design makes the X Ultra 4 instep more snug, reducing possible friction hotspots and providing greater comfort than previous short-top GTX shoes.


I am wearing a men’s low-top, a single foot weight of 377g, which is a very lightweight low-top hiking boot, only about 100g more than the same size of wild running shoes, but it is definitely very different in support protection and durability.

【Technical Design】

Active Support

On a technical level, the most different new design is probably the “Active Support” design. A piece of hard film with ADV/C written on it from the midsole extends all the way to the thick little wings of the black Active Support above, tightly covering the outside of the footboard that is most prone to capsizing. But this little wing is not sewn dead, so it does not sacrifice flexibility in addition to providing support.

ADV-C Chassis™

ADV-C Chassis is a molded way to use the EnergyCell cushioned foamed EVA midsole and the side to the sole of the shoe with ADV-C printed support film (the gray-blue part of the midsole in the figure) directly to the outsole


Combine. It provides Salomon’s usual good cushioning support, the bending flexibility of the forefoot area, and the ADV-C support film locally enhances the stability of the ankle.

It can be noted that the ADV-C support film is a “ㄩ” type that covers the entire arch part of the sole from the sole. No wonder the original factory uses words like ADV-C “Chassis” (chassis), and when taken apart, the supporting film acts like the anti-roll rod of the car chassis, counteracting the force of the left and right tilt and reducing the chance of capsizing.

For example, in this kind of uneven downhill, it is most likely to produce the outward and external turn of the sole, even if you are wearing a low-top model, it is quite obvious to walk quite obviously the support given by the overall sole setting of the X Ultra 4 and the stability and protection of the sides are super solid.

Big bottom

The X Ultra 4 features the new CONTAGRIP® MA high-grip outsole with a blend of rubber of varying soft hardness, making it versatile for both slippery and dry terrain. For me, who has worn quite a few pairs of Salomon shoes, their shoe grip has never been a concern, and this new outsole is of course always excellent.

It is worth mentioning that the outsole uses a large particle design as usual, and the drainage between the particles is very good. Recently, I happened to encounter the unstable spring rainy season, and after walking down a few wet dirt roads, the soles of my shoes are hardly likely to get stuck in the soil, and I maintain a good grip along the way.


The design of the Quicklace is probably my favorite part of Salomon, where you can quickly adjust the lace tightness at any time. And this generation uses a new and improved Quicklace lace, gently sliding on both sides to tighten, gently pressing up and down to relax, the smoothness is much better than the laces of the previous shoe. (Note: The mid-top style is to use general laces, which is convenient to adjust the way and degree of ankle fixation when walking on different terrains.) )

Once the Quicklace laces are taut, the Quicklace lace toe can be tucked into the elastic mesh pocket space above the tongue, without worrying about the laces loosening or any debris hooking into the path.

Gore-Tex is waterproof

Although the usual penetrating and waterproof wild running shoes are coveting his breathability and comfort, I have to say that sometimes when you encounter a trip that will go through water or rain, and you really don’t want to make yourself too embarrassed, it is more realistic to obediently wear Gore-Tex waterproof shoes.

At the end of the shoe introduction, a foreign official website X Ultra 4 GTX specification positioning is attached for your reference, you can see that the original factory also emphasizes its protection and support, and it is very suitable for medium-load stroke use in terms of suspension.

Outdoor measurement

Recently, it coincided with the change of seasons, and the spring rains disrupted many trips. However, in order to test the long-awaited pair of X Ultra 4 GTX, wear these shoes and test various real-world scenarios.

This trip was also my first time wearing the X Ultra 4 outdoors. It started early in the morning with light rain that drenched all the trails.

Since I spent most of my time walking, I didn’t pay much attention to the condition of my shoes, and of course I didn’t take any photos, which was actually a trip to adapt to my shoes.

But after actually walking all day, I didn’t feel any discomfort with the new shoes, which means that the shoes didn’t really need to be used to. I didn’t have any problems with light rain and slippery trails, and I gave him a high score for trusting him the first time I wore it.

This second trip invited a few friends who had not seen for a long time to walk and chat together on the mountain, and it was also the second time to wear X Ultra 4 GTX up the mountain for actual measurement.

Since the sky is not beautiful, it rained on the first day of the gathering, so I could only calm myself just enough to test the waterproof effect.

The X Ultra 4 provides much more protection and stability for the feet than the wild running shoes I usually wear in this terrain, and the difference in sensitivity is really minimal, after all, we are not really running on such trails.

Of course, there were not too many photos with the shoes on this trip, but after the three-day trip of actual travel application rather than deliberate testing, the confident X Ultra 4 GTX gave me a high sense of trust, and it can safely give me good support in this kind of trip, and the comfort and support can basically give him full marks.

After a few tests, it was clear to me that the X Ultra 4 GTX was a versatile shoe I could trust. But I always feel that I don’t have a good trip and seriously feel every detail of him. Early April, taking advantage of the work gap


, I want to test how low-top shoes perform on the multi-terrain most commonly used by ordinary mountain friends.

When choosing a color at the beginning, I want to choose my favorite earth tone, which is definitely a safe and conservative choice. Later, I boldly chose this army blue/black/deciduous yellow color scheme, and when I actually wore it to the mountains to take pictures, the blue that would definitely not blend with the background and add the finishing touch of deciduous yellow, it was really a perfect match that made me praise.

Almost all along the road are narrow dirt roads and trails, in the trees


Very comfortable walk in the forest below.

Cut slowly down the mountainside, the path in this area is more deciduous and rooted, and the grip of this shoe can handle this terrain with ease, there is no problem.

Many trails actually pass through such streams, which is where low-top Gore-Tex shoes can play well.

After crossing the stream, we also wanted to go to the source, so we walked down for a while and crossed the stream again.

On this closer look, the X Ultra 4 GTX has a lot of space for the toes to move, and the side support of Active Support allows even the low-top shoe to hold the instep firmly when going downhill


The front of the head slid against the toe, and I was quite satisfied with the comfort of the shoe body.


With my knowledge and knowledge of Salomon’s shoes, I didn’t have too many doubts about some basic functionality long before wearing the X Ultra 4 GTX. The deepest feeling these times should be that this generation of X Ultra introduces new Active Support and ADV-C chassis technology, which greatly improves support and ankle protection.

After actually wearing the X Ultra 4 GTX for several trips, the first and most direct impression was that it is a pair of trustworthy multi-functional shoes. If you’re looking for your first pair of shoes, or if there’s a lot of mixed terrain or uncertainty, choose the X Ultra 4 GTX.

Advantages: Design color matching, flexible and comfortable, ankle support, deep tooth outsole, durability, waterproof options

Cons: sole hardness (compared to heavy shoes), ankle protection (low-top)

Suitable for: single day to two or three days trips, need shoes with a certain degree of support.

Not suitable for: low altitude summer hot climate, heavy loading (> 20kg) carrying pressure.

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