(Zhongguancun Online Tablet Quotes) Apple ipad4 As a classic Retina screen tablet, there is a A6X processor, performance is quite powerful. At present, the tablet 128GB black version (licensed) is sold at 6088 yuan in Jingdong Mall, and the value is hot.

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Just take the iPad with the Retina display in your hand, everything can be realistic. You can truly touch photos, read e-books, play the piano. There is no blocking between you and the love things. This is because of the basic elements of iPad: display, processor, camera, and wireless connections can cooperate with each other to bring a great experience. They make the iPad can be competent, far beyond your imagination.

Pictured: Apple ipad4

Apple iPad4 (128GB / WIFI version)

Operating system iOS6

Processor model Apple A6X

Processor core dual core

System memory 1GB

Storage capacity 128GB

Screen size 9.7 inches

Screen resolution 2048×1536

Screen feature Retina display

WiFi function support 802.11A / b / g / n wireless protocol

Bluetooth function support, Bluetooth 4.0 module

Video playback support play 1080p video

Camera dual camera (front: 1.0 million pixels, rear: 5 million pixels)

Apple ipad4

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