Wang Ziwen dressing template is known as the little man, able salt can sweet. Recently caught in the summer “tail” drying out a set of cool summer dresses, skirt sets with the US bombing days. Blockbusters, Wang Ziwen sometimes wearing a red plaid underwear if the creamy skin, with embroidery Toushi Qun, even more feminine; sometimes red and black plaid corset + models with skirts, wearing a hat, retro and sultry, a big show of beautiful skin whitening ; sometimes wearing a dark blue skirt Tee dress debris, noble and charming; sometimes Tee shirt with blue plaid skirts, crazy big show legs, feet Dianqi the moment, the world stood still!

Photo, a petite Wang Ziwen sitting on a couch, wearing a red and black checkered underwear, showed off a smooth tender and beautiful skin, white skin beautiful and admired, as creamy and delicate, pants with embroidery Perspective article perspective tulle skirt, playing hazy looming temptation to join in the twilight beautiful embroidery embellishment, reveals a sexy connotation, the whole shape of the United States was low-key charm.


Another model is also wearing a black and red plaid bra cool and sexy, show whitening beauty back with no gain a grip waistline pants with stripe skirts of the same paragraph, lying on the ground overlooking the concave shape, showed off a perfect S-shaped curve, with models wearing the hat, the whole shape hit color, mix and match, full of personality, indeed the “fairy song” is so will play.

Put on dark blue sequined evening dress skirt Wang Ziwen noble charming, Bra version elegant atmosphere, showed off a snow-white chest, embellished with a pearl necklace, gorgeous expansive, adding dazzling sequins embellishment on a dark blue skirt, like dark starry night sky, the whole shape of the United States was a high-profile appearance.

Bra version of the same type, but this is obviously a style is not the same temperament, excellent Athens is just beautiful, but this one is soft and gentle. Slim dark blue Tee shirt + black, blue and white plaid skirt combination, quietly sitting on the ground, show thin slender legs, when she stood on tiptoe, the world still, it also it is so beautiful too tempting!


Well, after reading Wang Ziwen dresses pictures, we take a look at her other shape it!

1, blazer + pants, fitness vitality


Wearing a baseball cap, holding Wang Ziwen vitality and fencing helmet full, wearing a short section of black crop top + same section of the fitness pants, show Yingying a grip ant waist and slender legs uniform, accompanied by sports white shoes, black and white hit the color throughout the movement LOOK vitality and fitness, yet simple style.


2, tight sweater + Dress, mature fashion

162 Wang Ziwen wear clothing that is visual sense one meter 8, wearing a tight-fitting sweater, slim outline has caused a good figure, things take a piece harness dress, unique design complex Gumo Deng, full of ethnic flavor, just right of the stripe boundaries , a concave chest are the legs, the whole shape of mature fashionable, feminine overflowing.

3, T + white overalls, cool significant leg length


White T-shirt casual nature, do not need too many fancy, showing the natural beauty, brown pants with stripe overalls, nice and easy, casual and yet without losing the men’s masculine charm, pedal a pair of sports sports shoes, the whole shape handsome and significant leg length.


Although Wang Ziwen is with the master of the entertainment, but also have pigs as teammates, to see her this style, you find the “bright spots” do?

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