Summer meat is indeed a headache, you can’t wear beautiful clothes and you will be fat, if you have this trouble, you don’t have to worry~

Little K will introduce you to a 2020 fashion trend not too hot ~ fashionable and fleshy puff sleeves! How hot are puff sleeves this year? Major luxury ready-to-wear brands, the puff sleeve items that appeared in the spring/summer 2020 runway, simply not too much~

Spring/Summer 2020 show

Louis Vuitton

Elie Saab




Elegant romantic and retro puff sleeves, can be described as the designer’s favorite style, the width of the sleeves does not make the clothes lose their original beauty, but makes the clothes more beautiful Rich and layered, presenting a “casual” cover of the flesh at the same time, without losing the fashion style.

Understand puff sleeves, because puff sleeves and balloon sleeves are very similar, many people will not be able to tell the difference between them, small K here to give you a popular science Oh ~ First of all, balloon sleeves are very similar to puff sleeves, but with dropped shoulder style, the bubbles move down and gradually expand, and the cuffs are added to the wider cuffs to tighten.

Puff sleeves are folded at the seams of the shoulders and sleeves, or puffed up with fine pleats, and the sleeve shape is like bubbles.

The past of puff sleeves, mention of puff sleeves has to be reminiscent, the most impressive once popular, Princess Diana and British Crown Prince Charles’ “century wedding” puff sleeve wedding dress.

This Victorian vintage puff sleeve wedding dress, the puff sleeve clothing design to a climax, more and more people like puff sleeves, in recent years, puff sleeves have appeared on major runways, whether it is gorgeous dresses, or beautiful tops, all the feminine image of women, elegant temperament, exude vividly.

Puff sleeves originated in Europe, first appeared in the Renaissance, deeply influenced 16th century Europe, when the puff sleeve style was relatively simple, high-waist long skirt + small puff sleeves, is the upper class and aristocratic ladies wear matching.

During the imperial period in the early 19th century, puff sleeves were once famous in history, and the sleeve folds gradually rose up to the entire upper arm, forming “lamb leg sleeves” and “hanging bell sleeves”

After centuries of ebb and flow, to the current puff sleeve, a variety of styles appeared, which are also widely popular in daily life matching, and are also private clothing items that celebrities and bloggers like.

Puff sleeves, fluffy and bulging sleeves can highlight the slenderness of the forearm and wrist, so that the fat of the arm disappears~ Classic and retro sleeve shape, hiding the romance and nobility of the Middle Ages.

The puff sleeves that the designer will not miss, of course, we also arranged ~ more classic puff sleeve styles, let’s plant grass ~ one-shoulder puff sleeves.

The puff sleeves of the particularly beautiful one-shoulder neckline are a gospel for babies with wide shoulders, which can highlight the beauty of the collarbone and the curve of the shoulders more than other necklines, which can perfectly cover the flesh on the arms, sexy and elegant, gentle and passionate, loose and tight on the top and bottom to outline the figure.

Wear it to the lime taste of summer, with a fresh and vibrant fluorescent green that makes you stand out from the crowd, and the elastic band design at the waist highlights the slenderness of the waist, while the slight pleated ripples add a visual breakthrough to the clothes.

Roses mixed with spring and summer atmosphere, dazzling bloom on light clothes, rose petals and branches and leaves closely intertwined with each other, fresh and vibrant green leaves and romantic and gentle petals, highlighting the vitality of nature Highlighting elegant feminine charm, delicate flowers and smiling for a long time, is exclusive to spring and summer romance.

Square neck puff sleeves, square neck easy to let the eye stay at the shoulder position, lengthen the neck line Modify the shoulder curve Highlight the collarbone, coupled with the design of puff sleeves wide shoulders and thin arms, the overall vision is very thin, but also with a dignified and elegant temperament.

The slim pleated fishbone pattern on the chest, plus colorful floral embellishments, cute age-reducing puff sleeves with sexy and capable square neck, sweet and sexy coexist touching and charming, is a veritable “sweet and spicy girl”

U-neck puff sleeves

The design of the U-neck is also a good shoulder design with a good shoulder trim, but it is more casual and casual compared to the square neck~ plus the puff sleeves with their own age-reducing effect, which are elegant and more elegant at the same time, more generous and decent, lively and cute.

In the overwhelming skirt, the most able to kill the siege is this fairy 100% dress, wearing it instantly becomes radiant young and vigorous, the brilliant and bright dark pink print sets off the white and tender skin tone, the waist design that lengthens the proportion of the body, looks tall and thin, and the temperament upupup.

It seems that the world is full of flowers and the fragrance of green fields, with its own romantic VACATION French style, European celebrities are about to come out.

CHAO-level fairy doll dress, wearing the “fugitive” Disney princess ~ specially customized heavy diamond jacquard doll skirt ~ It is appropriate to describe it with romance and dream~

With BlingBling’s shining hot diamonds, with a cream white jacquard doll dress, puff sleeves add a touch of irresistible cuteness, she is a little princess who can be willfully sold in circles.

So much for the introduction and recommendation of puff sleeves! Does the baby know more about puff sleeves? The babies who have been planted hurry up to pick it up~

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