In the traditional impression of people, the kitchen is a place of smoky fire. The smoke is large and greasy, which makes many people (especially young people) stay away from the kitchen. Obviously installed a huge range hood, every day is also working hard, but still not clean, still can not wipe greasy, especially with the popularity of high-rise buildings, public flues, but also appeared smoke backfilling, string smell and other new troubles, making the already overwhelmed kitchen space worse.

The traditional range hood has obviously been unable to keep up with the environmental changes and demand changes in the new era. The gorgeous launch of the new generation of German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine will completely subvert your inherent perception of the “dirty mess” of traditional kitchens, and will completely change your negative impression of traditional range hoods with “low technology content and poor smoking effect”.

From the appearance alone, at first glance, it may not be much different from the traditional smoke machine, but the hardcore technology hidden inside has achieved great innovation and leapfrog under the continuous improvement of German-Italian “ten years of sharpening a sword”. Next, let Aiken Xiaobian explain to you one by one, what are the deep-rooted hardcore technologies of German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine!

Hard core technology 1:900Pa super wind pressure, easy to exhaust oil smoke, goodbye to greasy smell

The size of the suction power is the most intuitive performance experience of consumers for range hood products, and one-sidedly believes that large suction power means good performance of range hood. But as everyone knows, with the popularity of high-rise housing, the congestion pressure of public flues has derived a more serious smoke exhaust problem, especially during the peak cooking period, not only their own oil smoke can not be discharged, but also other oil smoke may pour in, the kitchen is filled with a variety of complex, indescribable greasy smell.

Obviously, under the new environment and new problems of public flue congestion, how to smoke and exhaust oil smoke more smoothly and drive the oil smoke out of the kitchen urgently requires stronger technical armament. German-Italian 900Pa super large wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine, is currently one of the top products in the industry, relying on German-Italian focus on the field of intelligent strong discharge for ten years of rich experience and more than 20 patented technologies, the wind pressure is enhanced to an amazing 900Pa, once again breaking the limit of the industry, more easily against the congestion pressure of the public flue, supplemented by 22m³/min surging large suction power, the perfect combination of instant suction strong exhaust, to achieve a real kitchen smoke-free.

With the super skill blessing of 900Pa super wind pressure, the German-Italian A6-HJ9876 hood seems to be working as usual, but in fact, the oil smoke defense capability has been doubled, but you can’t see its silent efforts on the smoke exhaust system – no matter how congested the public flue is and how harsh the external environment is, the German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine can intelligently monitor the flue pressure change, and calmly block the oil smoke out of the kitchen, and there will be no backfilling. The trouble of the taste – the editor vividly compares it to the “stealth fighter” in the kitchen, and the deep meaning is precisely this.

So, how is the innovative MAX9.0 wind pressure core technology refined? And why is it that virtue and Italy are the first to be selected? In fact, Germany and Italy, which has a forward-looking and unique vision, began to work on the research and development of large wind pressure range hoods as early as ten years ago. From the special research on the wind pressure and aerodynamics of range hoods in 2008, to the launch of the 1898 range hood with a large wind pressure of 420Pa in 2012 and the concept of “large wind pressure range hood” was first proposed, to the increase of the wind pressure value to 480Pa in 2015, to 650Pa in 2016, and breakthrough to 850Pa in 2018, Deyi has been persistently carrying out excellent internal strength cultivation in the field of large wind pressure, and finally achieved a market-leading position in wind pressure technology. And continue to lead the evolution of the industry.

Today’s 900Pa has a large wind pressure in history, which can be described as a hundred hammer steel, with extremely professional and meticulous technical logic. It is reported that the system is equipped with a 2000 rpm high-speed SP3.0 full DC frequency conversion motor, which is the core source of strong exhaust power output; the bionic design impeller, one side of the jagged can cut and tear the oil smoke, the other side of the corrugated can quickly guide the flow; the volute of the involute design and the integrated air duct system allow the oil smoke to be smoothly discharged along the runway… The continuous improvement and upgrading of each internal structure is only for the same goal, that is, to completely solve the embarrassing problem of traditional range hoods “sucking in and not draining smoothly”.

(Test wind pressure)

In order to let everyone understand the powerful power of 900Pa wind pressure more visually, Xiaobian also specially simulated a relatively harsh congestion environment, that is, placing more than 4 pounds of heavy objects in the air outlet of the smoke exhaust pipe to create strong resistance for smoke exhaust. However, it can be intuitively seen from the dynamic diagram that under the strong exhaust power of the German-Italian A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine, the weight of more than 4 kilograms directly rises into the air and can completely float in the air, which shows its strong anti-compression and anti-blocking ability.

Hard core technology 2: double suction on the bottom side, oil smoke is not close

In addition to the difficulty of smoke exhaust, the oil smoke absorption rate is not high, at most 60%-70%, which has always been the pain point of traditional range hoods. The reason for this is mainly due to structural limitations, the suction port is remote from the stove, resulting in the inevitable escape of oil smoke during the rise process, and will pass through the person, leaving a greasy taste.

In view of this, German-Italian 900Pa super large wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine, innovative improvement of single smoking mechanism, the first bottom and side main auxiliary double smoke inlet design. Add a bottom smoke inlet in the golden tobacco area to get closer to the smoke source, and hold a huge amount of oil smoke at the first moment of oil smoke, making it difficult for oil smoke to spread; At the same time, the side main air inlet that starts quickly captures the escape smoke that rises when there is a lot of smoke.

Double air inlet “one pull and one inhalation”, double-pronged, can ensure that the oil smoke is completely sucked before it is close to the face, without fear of the oil smoke upsurge and spread, quickly suck the oil smoke to clean the kitchen, and the oil smoke is not close to the body. At the same time, in order to be more suitable for the stir-fry habits of Chinese families, the German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine achieves a hurricane suction power of 22m³/min through the upgrade of the wide-area impeller, which can instantly absorb a huge amount of stir-fry smoke, so that the dish only leaves the aroma of the dish without leaving the smell of smoke.

(Different states of hood opening and closing)

Considering the integrity and aesthetics of the appearance, the main air inlet of the German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine adopts a hidden design, and after the start-up operation, the baffle of the main air inlet will slowly open to build a main channel for free smoking.

In order to verify the smoking effect of “bottom side double inhalation”, Xiaobian conducted a smoke test. From the actual video, it can be seen that the kitchen was originally filled with rising smoke, at this time, two bright lights appeared in the smoke, German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine is like a “transformer”, gorgeous transformation, quickly into the combat state, only three or five seconds, the smoke was sucked out.

(Oil smoke is not close)

Moreover, when viewed close from the side, the smoke enters the warehouse close to the two air inlets on the bottom side, forming two obvious smoke guide trajectories. Even when the maximum amount of smoke gushes out, there is no spillage. People stand in front of the stove, simulating the position of stir-frying, and are not affected by smoke at all, which shows its strong ability to control tobacco and smoke.

Hardcore technology 3: Wave smart control to make cooking more fun

Traditional range hoods generally use button or touch operation, but every time you cook, your hands are greasy, and you will always leave unsightly oil stains on the button keys or touch screen when operating. Occasionally, when I am busy, I forget to turn on the smoker.

In view of this pain point, German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine is innovatively equipped with “intelligent somatosensory “gesture switch”, users only need to wave their hands in the air, you can open and close the smoke machine, no need to touch the smoke machine, easy goodbye to greasy, isn’t it particularly cool! It turns out that the range hood can still play like this! So much fun!

And with the start of the machine, the lights will also automatically turn on and run automatically in the mode of mid-range air volume. In other words, there is no need to manually adjust the lighting and air volume throughout the process, just a wave of your hand, you can be in place in one step, isn’t it quite convenient?

In addition, the German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine also hides more thoughtful details. For example: the function of three-minute delayed shutdown helps users automatically shut down after sweeping away the residual smoke and aftertaste of the kitchen; For example: effective noise reduction to 54dB, while taking into account large suction power and ultra-quiet; Another example: two-stage magnetic oil mesh design, easy to disassemble, easy to clean at any time.

(Oil mesh can be easily removed)

Considering the convenience of daily cleaning for users, the mesh plate built into the air inlet adopts an easy-to-remove magnetic design, which is more convenient for both disassembly and installation.

(Oil mesh cleaning)

After removing the squirt, it can be manually brushed in the sink, which is divided into two sections and can be easily placed in the dishwasher for less worry and effort, and the surface of the mesh is made of non-stick material for easier cleaning.

(Oil cup removal)

In addition, in order to reduce the number of times users frequently pour the oil cup as much as possible, the German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine still adopts its classic large oil cup design, and the snap-on installation is also easy to remove.

Finally, returning to the overall view, considering the improvement of users’ aesthetic needs, the appearance of German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine is also quite online. First of all, the slim and non-touching side suction shape can be perfectly hidden in the cabinet without obtrusion; Secondly, the fuselage adopts a seamless welding process, which is beautiful and neat and has nowhere to hide dirt and dirt, realizing a truly integrated fuselage design; The appearance is elegant and handsome, with the cool black giant screen with borderless design, which reveals a strong fashion atmosphere.

Evaluation summary: After more than thirty years of evolution, range hood products seem to have been stereotyped and qualified, and it is difficult to have major innovation and change, but in fact, the technical core that has been tempered has become more powerful, hiding a lot of kitchen black technology that you don’t know. In particular, the new generation of German-Italian 900Pa super wind pressure A6 series HJ9876 smoke machine, which integrates breakthrough technology, cool appearance and intelligent control, is worthy of the title of powerful and sales king. At this point, you must not underestimate the power of the range hood, under the all-round care of the German-Italian A6-HJ9876 hood, the kitchen life that is no longer troubled by oil smoke and peculiar smell will become more exquisite and beautiful. (with foam)

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