It’s getting warmer lately, and now I’m all

Wear only one thing to go out

, it feels just right. Yesterday, while I was free, I put some of my winter boots back in the shoe cabinet. As soon as the season changes, I want to buy new shoes, and in the spring, I change my dull winter boots and put them on

Lightweight single shoes

Started ~

Sisters who are usually tired of wearing canvas shoes and small white shoes can actually try

Different styles of single shoes

! Absolutely

A must-have for spring

The, especially some versatile models, can match all your outfits!


A piece that saves effort and effort

, I will recommend some to you today

Ballet single shoes

It sounds very elegant, it is evolved from ballet shoes, and most of the common styles are

Pure flat bottom

, rounded or slightly rounded pointed head. It looks good with all kinds of skirts and clothes every day, shoes

Light and soft

, the foot feels very comfortable!

The most classic ballet is usually worn on the round toe

Simple bow decoration

, the girl is full of heart; If it’s the most versatile, it definitely is

Black version

Well, all styles of clothes can be handled well.

In addition to the black version,

Bright ballet shoes

It’s also good, use it with the most frequent occurrence in spring and summer

White dress

, which can not only keep it simple and clean, but also light up the entire look!

Ballet shoes with laces

It will feel more playful and cute, but when the sisters tie the straps,

Remember not to tie it too high

, otherwise it is easy to strangle the flesh of the calf, and it will show that the legs are short~

Flat ballet shoes are less friendly to small people, so they are naturally derived

With heel style

And because it is a block heel design, it is not as tiring as the stiletto heel, but it can also be played

The role of heightening

, excellent!

Although I didn’t get Mary Jane shoes at first, I recently found that its matching ability is really super. But if you want to

Vintage Mary Jane shoes

Wear it out of fashion,

Choosing the right shoe is the most important thing~

Many long-legged people like to wear flat shoes, after all, they don’t need high heels to assist, and they can be with

Comfortable clothes

Create a sense of relaxation.

Small people must try it

Mary Jane shoes in high heels

! Not only retro and cute, but also on the feet

Show long legs and thin legs

Add an inherent tie to it

Two or more

, not only beautifies the original shoe shape, but also makes the exposed ankles eye-catching,

Perfect for ankle-bare bottoms

Tonal matching

God for eternity! Take out ours

to match

White Mary Jane shoes

Try it, isn’t it a fairy wearing this outfit


It’s not bad with Mary Jane, the upper body is a youthful and lively feeling, even if you wear it

Commuting packs

It also reveals a little cuteness.

In early spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening in many places is still very large, prepare a pair


It is very necessary ~ such as use

White tights

To match the black and white shape, Mary Jane shoes are immediately available

Vintage elegant effect

If you feel like you can’t handle it, take a step back and use it

Medium socks

To match Mary Jane shoes, there is also a very strong one

Juvenile feeling

Be bold

Socks of different patterns/colors

, maybe it can bring unexpected surprises!

Loafers have to be recommended to you at least once a year, because really

It’s so nice to wear

! Look

Dakota Johnson

You know, most of her street photos are wearing loafers, with simple ones

T-shirt, jeans or dress

It’s just pretty good

Loafers combine handsomeness and femininity, so in style and matching also

More versatile

。 And it’s

Put on and take off in a second

Super convenient, my daily favorite to wear!

The most common loafers are:

White and black

, I personally recommend that you enter these two colors, don’t engage in so many bells and whistles,

Actual wear is the most important thing

Skirts and pants

Can be worn with loafers, like the most common

Commuting style matching

It looks very clean and clean, and the use

Tonal or appropriate skin exposure

, the whole person will look more slender.

If you guys wear


When you want to avoid rigidity, then use

Short skirt + loafers

Let’s match! It can add a little playfulness in an instant~

A more age-reducing way to wear it is to match

School-style dress

, it’s just cute to death!

I took a look at my shoe cabinet and found out

Pointy shoes

That’s a lot of it! Why do you like it so much? Probably because its slim shoe shape can not only be

Shape your feet

, okay

Lengthen the leg line and perfect the proportions

For example, small people are difficult to handle

Mop pants

, we can come with a pair of pointed toe shoes

Improve the proportions

, can well avoid the feeling of cumbersome procrastination. Even if the trouser length drags to the ground, but

Pointy toe shoes that loom out

, will also make the figure look better~

If you want to look thinner better, then choose

Cropped pants

Well, with a pair of pointed toe shoes, it’s very awe-inspiring.

The most wearable woman in the world, the female editors of the Italian version of Vogue, usually love to wear it

Dashing pants

, but whether the upper body is jeans or trousers, the feet are always a pair of delicate

Pointed-toe heels

Sisters who like vintage vintage, you must have this intricate printed dress in your wardrobe, right? Try using a pair

Gorgeous pointed toe shoes

Let’s match, super feeling!

If you want everyday versatility, then choose

Solid color version

, classic without error, and


It’s a perfect match!

This issue

“Spring Shoes”

It is recommended until this ~ the temperature will gradually rise after the year, and the sisters buy early and be beautiful!

White dress

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