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Today, a “defenseless” picture is on fire, the interpretation is: the price of steel irrationally rises, because there is no goods in hand and look forward to the “price” sigh!

In addition, there are: “hope for coal to quench thirst”, “point stones into gold”, “lost scorched arms”, “stepping on snow to find coal”.

Back to today’s market, although the market fluctuations are small, but the individual stock market is okay, more than 2200 rose, more than 1900 fell, and the black series set off the tide.

In fact, for some shareholders, the current market is better to operate than before the Spring Festival, why?

Because before the Spring Festival, the core assets of the main institutional huddles in the market are rising, and the rise is very high, and you dare not chase it. Now, some of the small and mid-cap stocks that started at a low level have the guts to chase the rise.

It seems that the broader market has not improved, but careful investors have found that the opportunities for individual stocks are endless.

Some time ago, Bull’s Eye Jun (per Bull’s Eye: njcjnews) said that as long as the market does not change, the large market will be heavy on individual stocks.

However, there are also operational difficulties, and the differentiation of individual stocks is still quite large. Bull’s Eye Jun found that although the market is now light, some stocks can continue to rise, while some stocks continue to fall, such as brokerage stocks.

In the case of other brokerage stocks have pulled back, Industrial Securities has been quite stable in the past half a year, looking like it wants to start upward, but today it went down, the intraday drop stop, and the closing difference was a penny down limit.

From this trend, it is concluded that do not start until the sideways stock has not chosen the direction.

A similar example, such as Gaode IR in late February 2014, was also flat at the time, and later actually changed downward.

Sideways stocks, upward and downward changes are possible, you can’t keep in mind the example of upward changes, and ignore the risk of downward changes.

Judging from today’s hot spots, coal, nonferrous metals and steel stocks performed better.

The performance of these three sectors is mainly staged, and it is difficult to go bullish for a long time.

The recent strengthening of the black series should also be stimulated by commodity futures prices.

Judging from today’s commodity futures, iron ore, coking coal, thread up limit.

According to the websites of the three major futures exchanges, on May 10, the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange issued a notice to adjust the trading margin standards, price limit ranges and transaction fee standards of thermal coal futures contracts as follows:

1. Starting from the settlement on May 13, 2021, the trading margin standard for thermal coal futures contracts will be adjusted to 12%, and the range of the price limit will be adjusted to 8%, of which the trading margin standard for 2106, 2107 and 2108 contracts will be adjusted to 15%, and the range of the price limit will be adjusted to 10%.

2. Starting from the night trading on May 11, 2021, the trading fee standard for thermal coal futures contracts will be adjusted to 30 yuan / hand, and the standard of intraday closing transaction fee will be adjusted to 30 yuan / hand.

Take the steel industry, China needs to import a large amount of iron ore, once the price of iron ore rises sharply, steel companies are annoyed.

The colored sector, currently mainly speculating on inflation expectations, London copper is already at a historical high, how to run next, it is still unknown. For details, you can see yesterday’s London copper technical analysis chart.

Today’s listed Dazhong Mining rose 44%, and the shareholders who won the stock were boiling. I can’t believe it, as of the close, there are still 350,000 hand orders to buy one.

According to the data, Dazhong Mining is mainly engaged in iron ore mining and selection, the production and sales of iron concentrate powder and pellets, and the processing and sales of machine-made sand. The company has two major mining bases in Inner Mongolia and Anhui, and the total iron ore reserves recorded by the land and resources management department are 522.4528 million tons, accounting for about 6.13‰ of the national identified reserves, and has a large reserve advantage in independent iron ore mining and dressing enterprises, of which the average grade of TFe is not less than 28.87% accounting for 80.04%.

Judging from today’s intraday trend, there should be funds to grab chips.

These stocks above are estimated to be out of reach for many people, so what should be done?

Bull’s Eye Jun recently discovered a point previously said by Zhang Kun of Yi Fangda, he believes that there are many opportunities in medicine, consumption, and technology.

Indeed, stocks such as Aier Ophthalmology, Kweichow Moutai, Pian Zixi, and Tongce Medical have risen in recent years.

If there is a chance, friends should take a look at the heavy stocks of the top funds and select some low-end stocks to study well.

For example, from the top ten heavy stocks of “Kunkun”‘s products, Meinian Health is a low-level variety. Bull’s Eye Jun checked, the company’s physical examination service network is still relatively wide, this is a major feature. As for other aspects, it remains to be studied in depth by friends.

Today, many stocks in the two markets are up and down, so how do well-known floating funds operate?

(1) Today’s liquidity trends

Chapter Alliance Lord:

sold 69.53 million bale steel shares;

Buy 27.17 million Aoyuan Migu;

Purchased 106 million Changan Automobile;

sold 18.62 million Yuexin Health;

sold 29.68 million Huachang Chemical;

Brother Zhao

Bought 9.97 million true love beauty homes;

Buy 19.3 million Shun Control Development;

Sold 10.13 million Longgao shares;

Liyang Road, Shanghai

Buy 24.08 million blonde rabi;

sold 14.69 million NavInfo;

Bull’s Eye Jun concludes:

Today’s broader market fluctuated in a narrow range, with coal, nonferrous metals, steel and scarce resources stocks leading the rise, while chip, aviation and pork stocks led the decline. The broad market has been adjusted for many days, the trading volume has gradually expanded, the power of the short side has been released, the pattern of the volatile market has not changed significantly, and the probability of the short-term market stopping the decline and stabilizing has gradually increased. The three major indexes have adjusted to near the upward trend line, taking the Shenzhen Component Index as an example, an upward trend channel began to form in mid-March, and the index has now hit the lower band of the trend channel (upward trend line), and the probability of short-term support is high. In the case of the Shanghai Composite Index and ChiNext Index, you can draw your own line to see, and it is also near the upward trend line. The most important thing in the differentiated market is to grasp the individual stocks of the sector and the rhythm of the sector.

Today’s market money-making effect picked up, and the non-ferrous sector rose by 25, mainly because of the “indefinite suspension of all activities under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue mechanism”. From the perspective of seats, the “Zhang Alliance Owner” sold 69.53 million baosteel shares today, while 106 million funds bought Changan Automobile. From the news point of view, Changan Automobile, Huawei and CATL jointly build a world-class intelligent electric connected vehicle platform – CHN, and the future-oriented high-end intelligent electric vehicle will be launched soon, and a new high-end brand name will be announced soon. In addition, the “Zhang Alliance Owner” also bought 27.17 million yuan of Aoyuan Meigu and sold Yuexin Health and Huachang Chemical.

Today’s broader market is volatile in a narrow range, but there are still more opportunities, although the opportunities are concentrated in cyclical stocks, but this structural market is also within expectations. Supported by economic recovery and stable liquidity, there are no systemic risks in the market, and structural opportunities continue to emerge. And from today’s “Brother Zhao” on the list, buying 9.97 million true love beauty, this company is a new stock for blankets. In addition, 19.3 million Shunkong Development was bought, which was an old demon stock in the early stage, and 10.13 million shares were sold for Longgao.

The Information Office of the State Council is scheduled to hold a press conference at 10:00 on May 11, 2021 to introduce the main data results of the seventh national census. Affected by this, the fertility sector was released to 12 stocks, including 2 boards of True Love Meijia. And Liyang Road Sun Ge 24.08 million on the list of blonde rabbi today, the company’s stock price limit is mainly due to the superposition of dual concepts, first of all, the company’s recent entry into the medical beauty industry. Secondly, the company also benefits from the liberalization of the concept of second child, and the company’s Babe Rabi brand has a variety of disinfection products such as “honeysuckle hand sanitizer”, “honeysuckle alcohol disinfectant” and “baby wormwood no-wash hand bubble”.

(2) Logical comments on the hot stock list

Yun Aluminum shares

Coal, nonferrous metals, steel, scarce resources stocks led the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets, Yun Aluminum shares rose strongly, from the perspective of seats, Shenzhen Stock Connect seats bought 292 million while selling 203 million, the three institutions bought a total of 470 million, Xu Xiao’s seat bought 46.43 million.

Yun Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a number of holding subsidiaries, and has formed a comprehensive large-scale aluminum company integrating bauxite, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing and carbon product production. Due to repeated overseas epidemics, domestic and foreign aluminum prices have inverted, domestic demand continues to be strong, and domestic imports of unwrought aluminum and aluminum and primary aluminum have reached record highs. Low inventories are one of the main reasons for the recent record high in aluminum prices.

(Risk warning: This article is for reference only, does not constitute a basis for trading, and enters the market at your own risk.) )

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Chapter Alliance Lord:

Brother Zhao

Liyang Road, Shanghai

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