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Let’s talk about the same today

A white sweater for the “Universal Undershirt”

。 ▼

In the wardrobe of many friends,

A white sweater is a white T-shirt

, You can do anything, you can’t go wrong with it.

But the biggest advantage of white sweaters is not versatility, but

It comes with a high cold temperament

, you can easily wear a sense of premium. ▼

So how to maximize the effect of a white sweater?

The specific matching method is recommended to be determined according to the style of the sweater.

White sweater

There are 3 common styles

: Undershirt, loose neck, and designer white sweater. ▼

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Suitable for: All body types

In winter, if you don’t know what to wear, it is recommended to buy a close-fitting white undershirt first.

It is better to wear it thinner and can be worn directly until next spring

, more frequently used. ▼

Close-fitting undershirt,

Perfect for pairing with a variety of thick coats

, such as thick sweaters, down jackets.

Because the item itself is very warm, matching close-fitting clothes can make the warmth effect the best. ▼

But close-fitting undershirts are not so suitable for slightly fat figures, especially white, and it is easier to show fat.


Layer over a loose coat

, the contrast of one loose and one tight can give people a feeling of “not fat, just dressed loosely”. ▼

For small friends who like to layer, the close-fitting undershirt is more practical, as the innermost layer,

There is room for more collocation

Suitable for: People with long necks

Not only white turtleneck sweaters, but all high-neck pieces are not very friendly to people with thick necks and short necks.

But that aside,

The languid and sexy nature of a turtleneck sweater

, is incomparable to other items. ▼

A white turtleneck sweater is an attackable and defensible piece.

It is comparable to a sweatshirt when worn alone, looks good with pants and skirts, and is loose enough not to expose the figure.

When layered, it is comparable to a close-fitting undershirt, and a variety of oversizedjackets are super matched, suitable for tall and strong girls. ▼

But I think the white turtleneck sweater,

Perfect for pairing with a dark coat

Because white is a bright color, it is easy to attract attention, and when layered with a dark coat, it can easily break the dullness. ▼

PS, the “white turtleneck sweater” here is replaced by a “white close-fitting undershirt” is also true, but the latter is thinner and not so suitable for a thick jacket.

Suitable for: small people with thin upper bodies

After looking at two white sweaters that are suitable for underwear, let’s take a look at the design sweaters that are only suitable for solo wear.

Sweaters with a sense of design generally play with caution on the collar, sleeves, and chest,

It can raise the visual center of gravity to the upper body, and the effect of showing height is very good

But it is also because the visual center of gravity is raised to the upper body, if your upper body is fat, it is easy to expose. ▼

Therefore, the white sweater with its own sense of design is more suitable for small people and small friends with thin upper bodies.

When collaborating, it is recommended

Make it the highlight of the whole look

and amplify this highlight with other basic pieces.

In contrast, the matching on the left side of the picture below is much more comfortable, and the addition of a design jacket on the right is a bit messy. ▼

If you want to make the layers richer, and you don’t want other pieces to steal the limelight from the sweater, you can do it by layering.

For example, the printed T-shirt and striped shirt in the picture below, both

Reduced exposed area by layering

to solve the problem easily. ▼

The above are 3 common ways to match white sweaters, do you like them?

I hope to bring a little inspiration to my friends.


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