Car duster is what we use when cleaning the dust of the body, seemingly simple a small tool, many of our car friends will also master its use is not very good, how to use the car duster is good? If the use of a tool is not effective, we will definitely give up, today we will look at the use of car dusters.

Car duster

Car duster is not like our usual dust duster at home, if the two are mixed with damage to our car paint, and finally our owners pay their own pockets for repair, the biggest difference between car dusters and the dusters we usually use is the difference in material, car dusters are better than the dust duster materials in our lives, reasonable use will not cause damage to our car paint, but also play a role in protecting our car paint, seemingly a simple tool can also bring us great convenience.

Types of car dusters

1. Cotton duster

Cotton duster can not only remove the floating dust on the body, but also pure cotton duster and fine cotton wool, the biggest feature of these fine cotton wool is strong adsorption, and relatively soft, we are also very good when removing floating dust, at the same time we can also through the pure cotton duster of the car for car waxing, the car wax on the cotton duster, the use of the adsorption of the car duster for the waxing protection of the car appearance is also very practical.

2. Fiber duster

Fiber duster is higher than cotton duster material, but also has the soft and adsorptive function of cotton duster, but fiber duster is more durable than our cotton duster, but not easy to fall plush, we are also more assured when using it, do not worry about duster off plush and affect the aesthetics of the car, since the practicality is relatively strong, the price is definitely more expensive than ordinary car dusters.

3. Microfiber duster

Microfiber duster and fiber duster material is basically the same, but is an advanced duster of ordinary duster and fiber duster, microfiber duster is denser than ordinary fiber duster, and has an anti-static function, we are more convenient when using, and the effect is better.

How to use a car duster

1, the body surface dust is more, we can use different car dusters to clean up, we must use the car duster after wiping the car must be forcefully adsorbed on the car duster shake off, if the cleaning is not clean, it will definitely affect us to get off the car to use, after a long time will breed bacteria, our car is also damaged, after cleaning up, not only can facilitate our next use, but also make our car duster service life longer.

2. If the dust on our body is more difficult to clean, our cleaning method is different from the former, we must first use a car duster to remove the floating dust on the surface, wait until the paint surface is dry, and then remove the remaining stains with a little force, so the effect is also considerable.

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