On July 15, 2016, when Mentioning a Belgian restaurant, food lover Xiao Wei blurted out: “That must be Morau, the sea rainbow there is so delicious!” Ever since Xiao Wei ate that Belgian rainbow meal in a century-old shop on the Champs-Élysées in Paris many years ago, she has been obsessed with the sweet taste and finally regained her travel memories in Morau. I checked it later, the “Morau” in Xiaowei’s mouth is called Morau Longxi Western Restaurant, which is a well-known Belgian restaurant near Xinzhong Street, and some netizens said that “Morau” is the bearer of the nearby Western restaurant, which shows the great influence.

Belgian Sea Rainbow

This Morauronxi Western restaurant focuses on Belgian style, and its founder, Renate Morau, is a famous Belgian culinary master. Mr. Morau came to China more than 20 years ago and later brought Belgian cuisine to Beijing. Belgian paintings in the restaurant are hung all over the light yellow walls, and the old town, church, and bell tower appear on the paper; Inside the wall shelves are hand-painted spice bottles of various sizes and old chip-cutters “scooped” from antique markets – almost everything in this restaurant was bought by Morau and his wife from Europe.

Since it is a master chef, the restaurant’s choice of dishes is even more inheritance of tradition, including fine dishes such as baked snail, special foie gras, black pepper steak, raw beef tenderloin, as well as beef braised representing the Flemish region of Belgium, grilled Belgian cabbage ham rolls, neo-grandmother-style sea rainbows, etc. Among them, Haihong has attracted many food lovers. The “posture” of eating sea rainbows is as follows: when a fat and delicious sea rainbow is served, remember not to eat it with a fork, but with shells. Each eaten shell is like a clip, which is used to pick up the meat of the next sea rainbow, dip it in the soup and finally use the shell to scoop the soup and drink it, which is full of flavor.

In addition to Haihong, the Belgian beer here also impresses diners: five in a row, very strong, don’t look at the beer, the degree is higher than red wine, and the stamina is very full, drinking a row can basically get drunk.

GO tips

Morao Longxi Western Restaurant is located near Xinzhong Street, about 200 yuan per capita, but now there is a group purchase on Dianping, and the single meal is less than 100 yuan. In addition to the fact that the sea rainbow is a must-order dish, the beer braised beef and waffles here are also popular with diners.

Source: Beijing Evening News, Beiwan New Vision Network reporter Yu Jianwentu

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