We all know that in the process of modern home decoration, crystal headlights have slowly withdrawn from our lives, after all, the cost is high, it is easy to accumulate dust, and it is very difficult to clean in the later stage.

However, the lamp mentioned today is just in line with the contemporary fashion trend!

1. Appearance and style

Because with the popularity of simple style, more and more simple and generous lamps have entered people’s homes

After all, in a bustling and hurried city, simple style can better realize your inner life

And this lamp I personally think is quite simple and atmospheric, with a bit of modern Chinese style of new Chinese style,

The overall look of the form is also more simple and beautiful, and the space color matching is more relaxed and natural.

So it is very in line with the requirements of contemporary young people for home decoration, and the geometric pattern is really linear.

So the new Chinese style is still quite high in terms of appearance!

And this black walnut color is really very classical

Personally, I think this new Chinese lamp is really more atmospheric than Western lamp.

Malaysian rubberwood & black walnut color, I can’t help but think of a word – “living color”, is there an ancient style?

2. Process material

When we buy something, the first thing that is attracted to us must be appearance!

Of course, the next step will be to pay attention to the workmanship, after all, if you have good looks and strength, it is simply the best of both worlds!

Malaysian rubber wood not only has appearance but also strength, just the edges are also very detailed, and the texture and color are obvious!

Personally, I feel that this is really very intimate.

In addition, the lampshade is acrylic, speaking of acrylic, my bathtub is of this material, and the transparency and stability of acrylic material are very high.

In fact, the role of the lamp is mainly the feedback of light, some lamps are more dazzling, and some lamps are not bright enough.

Therefore, too harsh and dim lamps are not conducive to daily use

LED light source, acrylic lampshade, not to mention anything else, I feel that I like these two materials.

The light has been taken into account, even the cleaning method has been taken into account!

I remember the Spring Festival Gala in 13 years, and the LED display on the stage was simply amazing!

Therefore, there is no need to say more about the LED light source, soft and natural will not spicy your eyes.

There is also an acrylic lampshade that is very easy to clean, good light transmission, and the rag can be wiped clean

In fact, in addition, there is another thing I like very much, that is, this ultra-thin lamp body.

The thickness of 5.8cm will not feel obtrusive even if it is attached to the ceiling.

Compared with the thick lamp body, the ultra-thin body feels more fashionable and generous, otherwise how can the mobile phone and computer screen become thinner and thinner!

3. Life aspect

In fact, when buying a product, the appearance process is in place, it depends on the actual use!

After all, products that are not implemented are still not successful enough

Since it is used in life, we have to take into account the most likely things in life.

The reason why the crystal lamp was eliminated, in addition to the cost and the difficulty of cleaning in the later stage, there is also the lamp source, to put it bluntly, it is nothing but appearance!

In daily life, we don’t use colorful lights at all, even if it is, it will be dizzy after shaking for a long time, let alone long-term use

But the good thing about their home lamps is that they really take into account the light source aspect!

Three-color light mode control, there are positive white light, neutral light, warm light, can be changed according to the occasion according to the situation.

For example, before going to bed, play or something, turn on the warm light

In fact, the light is not to be made colorful and fancy, considering the needs of life is really good!

If you want to talk about the scope of application, how to say it, I personally feel versatile, because I think the lamp should not be too cumbersome!

And this lamp just happens to work, the new Chinese style is more versatile and fashionable

Besides, putting it on the ceiling will not affect the overall style.

What’s more, I like its three-color light more, it feels very intimate!

So to make the light source so comprehensive, this is to monopolize the whole family!

The bedroom living room can be used, the study can be used, the toilet kitchen can also be used, and the light source can be adjusted according to the situation!

For example, if you read in the study, you can choose neutral light, the living room can use white light, and the bedroom kitchen can use warm light, I heard that warm light can increase people’s appetite!

It’s not bad to take photos, it’s really a filter!

In fact, how to say, this lamp is quite good overall, the appearance is passable, the material workmanship is also very hard, if you like it, you may wish to try!

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