Almost all ladies look at the shoes they wear on their feet when dating men. If you wear the wrong shoes, chances are that while you keep exerting personality and hormones on her, there’s only one thing on her mind: oh my God… Why did he wear a pair of old man shoes that my dad wouldn’t wear?! So all men who want to succeed in the base, please read through this article, the so-called “if there is something, change it, and encourage it if there is none!”

Trendy carved brogue elements, more casual style suitable for all ages, high-quality leather upper, exquisite stitching technology, the sole of the cow tendon sole is more wear-resistant, autumn and winter must-have men’s shoes.

British retro polished old sole, following this year’s popular retro element design, the upper is made of first-layer cowhide, the workmanship is exquisite, handsome fit, simple and versatile, and the effect on the foot is very good.

The diamond-shaped texture is neatly arranged, the diamond is shining, and the faint gradient color effect forms a layered and three-dimensional beautiful silhouette, elegant and more stylish.

The minimalist construction will interpret the retro sentiment vividly, the tough line outline has an aggressive and powerful aura, and the atmospheric luxury retro is under your control.

High-quality scalp cattle layer, high-quality raw materials, excellent craftsmanship can create a pair of comfortable and good shoes, natural rubber outsole, non-slip and wear-resistant. Ready for every occasion.

The handsome British fit, simple and versatile, this year’s trendy design elements, soft leather and sole reflect the comfort of this casual shoe.

Shape the shoe body with real cow leather, high-quality leather fabric brings rich texture, delicate and luxurious, luster gorgeous and fresh, full color, highlighting the extraordinary taste of men, and glow elegant gentlemanly feelings with excellent quality.

Exquisite and delicate sewing skills, firmly and securely combined with the upper to present a delicate luxury texture. Special stylish stretch ties for a more secure combination of tongue and upper, stretch comfort.

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