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Hey girls~

I am Lynn, who is addicted to dresses~ Dressing lightly in spring and summer, when I don’t know what to wear, I always subconsciously take out the dress and get it all done.

Recently brushed Weibo, saw Eifini’s new season of blockbusters, He Xiangu several sets of small skirts Look are super spring atmosphere, the picture is really eye-catching!

Photo: Eifini

It just so happens that recently major brands have spring clothes on the new, today I picked 30 dresses, all kinds of styles, attached links, everyone takes what they need~

p.s The full text is not widespread, so watch it with confidence


How to pick a skirt

No matter what body type you are, follow the “

Leverage strengths and avoid weaknesses

The law is always right. The same is true for choosing a skirt, today it will be simple, directly summarize the selection of Tips, you can draw inferences.

Broad shoulders, thick back, or large chest


Avoid ultra-narrow round necklines, choose large necklines, and prefer V-shaped necklines;

The arms have worship meat 👉

Don’t touch sleeveless, ultra-short sleeves, sleeves can hide meat better;


Thick waist

The tight style is absolute, and appropriately raising the waist line + A-line skirt is 🙅 the right solution;

Thick thighs

If you want to cover the flesh of the thighs, an over-the-knee skirt is preferred;

The calves are thick or the legs are not straight

In the same way as above, it is recommended to pick a midi skirt, preferably the skirt covers the calf belly;

Small people have short legs

Remember the universal high-waist rule and refuse straight legs without a waistline.

Pictured: TheConceptWardrobe

✍️ If you have multiple body problems, yes

Overlay the Selection Tips

。 For example, big breasts + small belly, you can choose a skirt with a V-shaped neckline + high waist + wide hem.


What is worth buying


UR: Funky commuter style

UR is familiar to everyone, with ultra-high new frequency + design that closely follows fashion trends, it has spelled out an avenue among many fast fashion brands.

The advantages of fast fashion brands are:

Many choices, new styles, and cost-effective

。 UR is a good balance between fashion trends and daily practicality, both popular items and relatively basic styles.

Photo: Urban Revivo

This season, there are many commuter items that take into account the fashion and scenography of dressing. At first glance, the style looks unremarkable, but in fact, it hides the design care, the most important

Have a sense of formality without being too rigid

, very suitable for girls in the workplace.

– Single Product Recommendation –


🔗 Item No.-WJ06S7AN2000


🔗 Item No.-WG27R7BF2001


🔗 Item No.-WH09R7DN2000

🔗 Item No. – WG11S7DN2001


🔗 SKU-WG06S7EN2003


🔗 SKU – YU27S7EX2001

Since then: Resort-style

Since Then is an original design women’s wear brand in China, its popularity has gradually increased in the past two years, and it has also become popular in South Korea, and many members of the girl group wear its small skirts.

Photo: TB@sincethen flagship store

It’s home

Featuring resort-inspired clothing

As soon as you enter the store, you will be full of resort atmosphere.

Travel outfits must not be too plain, since then pieces are never short of highlights. In terms of style,


Straps, print, wavy lace

and other elements can be seen everywhere; The style is mainly bohemian, which is quite attractive.

MK wears a small pink dress in his house, which is both feminine and girly naïve. Girls who have vacation plans but don’t know what to wear, can stroll around more Since Then.










HeyDress: Lazy French

HeyDress is also an original women’s clothing brand in China.

Featuring French Chic

, the sense of fashion is there, and the wearability is not weak. The price of the skirt is around 300, the quality is not crotch-pulling, and it is worth the price.

Its home is not very fast, and there may only be a few items in a season. But each piece can see the intentions of the person in charge and carry out the French style to the end.

Photo: TB@heydress flagship store

HeyDress’s best specialty is the French coffee break dress, several of which have become the skirt of the town store. The tea break skirt is very inclusive to the figure, especially recommended for big-breasted slightly fat star people to try,

V-neck + wrap + hem split

, all gestures are feminine.

The colors are also more prominent, such as some maple red and mango yellow, which are eye-catching but not very picky.












Mint Cheese: Vintage girl

Mint Cheese is a shop I found a few years ago, and it has a single item

Design, texture is always online

, the style has always been distinct, full of ghostly horse elves. If you also like retro girly style, don’t miss it.

Figure: TB@MintCheese is designed independently

Their dresses are never ambiguous in terms of waistline and are very friendly to small people. The colors used in the pieces are very exquisite, with an oil painting atmosphere.

The saturation of light colors is extremely low, like a cup of cool white open, clear and refreshing. It is easy to create a feeling of youth and age-reduction,

Perfect for spring outings

The dark color is a dull but not stuffy tone, with a retro filter, and the upper body immediately becomes artistic. The point is

Don’t pick your skin tone

, everyone can steer.












Shebyshj: Sweet and dreamy

Shebyshj is a niche clothing brand from Thailand, which has been popular since last summer, and Liangbao, who often visits Instagram and YouTube, should be no stranger to it.

Shebyshj takes the sweet dream route,

The style is sweet and lustful

。 The cost performance is very good, the pricing is lower than most fast fashion, the key is that there are many short models, very friendly to Asian girls!

Image: ins@she.by.shj

The fit seems to be popular, in fact

The material and color are very recognizable

。 Fairy organza and romantic gradient colors are so well integrated! The summer atmosphere is super full, and people can’t help but look at it more~

However, its family has not yet entered the country, and if you want to buy, you can only find daigou or overseas shopping.


🔗 Haitao OR purchasing



🔗 Haitao OR purchasing


Well, this spring dress is recommended here, choose a beautiful little dress for yourself, and welcome spring~

·Tonight Talk·

Which brand do you pick?


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Photo: Urban Revivo

– Single Product Recommendation –

– Single Product Recommendation –

– Single Product Recommendation –

– Single Product Recommendation –



Photo: TB@sincethen flagship store



Photo: TB@heydress flagship store


Figure: TB@MintCheese is designed independently

Figure: TB@MintCheese is designed independently


Image: ins@she.by.shj


🔗 Haitao OR purchasing

🔗 Haitao OR purchasing

🔗 Haitao OR purchasing

🔗 Haitao OR purchasing


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