To survive the winter safely, having a warm quilt until dawn is the key,

Today, Xiao Wei will bring you a super practical quilt selection strategy.

Five common quilt core comparisons


The biggest feature of the duvet is that it has a higher fluffiness than other duvet core materials, which makes it

The duvet can keep warm while also being very lightweight.


The key to the warmth of the quilt is the fineness of the filling, the greater the density and the fluffier, the more effective it is to isolate the cold air outside,

The texture of the down is fluffier and denser than the other four materials.

Buying tips

Air permeability

Down fiber

The stomata in can automatically contract or expand according to changes in external temperature and humidity, which can quickly absorb the sweat and moisture of the human body and quickly diverge.

Keep the quilt clean and your body dry.



Rich in natural protein long fiber, this fiber itself has a layer of sericin protection, its protein components are like the second layer of “skin” of the human body, skin-friendly,

Infants and young children, people with sensitive skin, and people who are prone to allergies can use silk quilts.


The quilt has good moisture absorption and the material is not easy to generate static electricity, which is very suitable for dry winter;

The chemical fiber, wool is easy to conduct electricity, easy to rub static electricity during use, if you want to cover, it is best to choose a high-woven cotton quilt cover.

Service life

(Maximum period of use)

Duvet and silk quilt have good ventilation and moisture drainage effect, are not easy to mold and moth, and have the longest service life;

The chemical fiber will naturally shrink with the change of use time, the resilience energy will decrease, and the fluffiness will not be enough. If you find that the quilt becomes thin and hard after drying, and there is a peculiar smell, you should pay attention to replace.

Shop summary

The price of silk and duvet is relatively high, but it has a long use time, high warmth and comfort, and an excellent sleep experience.

Generally, the best choice in winter is a duvet;

Wool, cotton are rated medium and moderately priced

, there is no particularly high demand to choose from; If you want to be affordable,

As well as people who frequently replace their needs, they can choose chemical fiber quilts;

Young children or people with sensitive skin and respiratory tract can choose

Light silk quilt

; Elderly people often suffer from rheumatism or heart disease, it is best to choose the right weight

silk duvet or duvet;

The southern region is humid to choose from

Down and chemical fiber quilt

; The northern part is relatively dry and optional

quilts, silk quilts;

Remember to choose a quilt must choose a product marked with a class A textile standard,

This formaldehyde content is minimal.

It is said that this year is still the “La Nina” year of frozen crying, I am afraid that winter will be a little colder than previous years, so hurry up and take advantage of the Double 11 discount to change into a new quilt~

If you have any questions about choosing a quilt, welcome to leave a message in the comment area~

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