The power supply company is really powerful, not only the transformer has been changed, the wire has been thickened, and even the meter box has been replaced with beautiful ‘new clothes’. On September 15, Lin Yueyong of Baimakeng Village, Baisha Town, Minhou County, looked at the newly installed electric energy meter box in front of his house and praised everyone.

Baisha jurisdiction meter box was originally installed in the first agricultural network transformation, that is, 2000, has a history of 15 years, the material is iron, with the wind of the years, most of the box paint has fallen off, and rust mottled, some doors are seriously damaged, electric energy meters, protective devices and wires are exposed, not only affect the city appearance of cleanliness, hindering the view, but also there are certain safety risks.

Minhou Power Supply Company attaches great importance to this work, and has organized personnel to investigate and count on the site for many times, and tailor rectification plans for the jurisdiction. At the beginning of this year, the plan was reviewed and approved by the relevant departments. The project was included in this year’s key rectification projects, a work plan was drawn up, the work progress was reported weekly, the responsibility was implemented, and in mid-May, technicians and construction teams were dispatched to work closely together to steadily advance the project construction one by one.

“The national policy is good, the staff of the power supply station has better service, the construction is civilized and does not disturb the people, the site is cleaned at the end of the work, and the entire project transformation does not charge residents a penny.” Aunt Wang couldn’t hide her gratitude in her heart.

The newly installed meter box is made of fully transparent plastic steel, divided into 1 to 4 position meter box and power box, equipped with double protection device for entering and exiting the line, which has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful and generous, economical and practical, easy to operate and safe to use. The original metering box was “honorably decommissioned”, leaving the majority of customers with a vision of being comfortable and brightly decorated meter box put into operation. (Yu Daohua)

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