I bought some ice shrimp yesterday when I was outside, speaking of which I have never eaten ice shrimp before, what is the correct way to eat ice shrimp? Let’s take a look together!

The right way to eat ice shrimp

Ice shrimp can be eaten straight or after cooking, and the following describes how to salt fry ice shrimp.

Specific steps:

1. Wash the shrimp and use kitchen paper to absorb the moisture of the shrimp.

2. Cut the green garlic into strips, separate the white part of the garlic from the part of the garlic leaf, and slice the ginger and millet pepper.

3. After the pan is hot, pour in cooking oil (slightly more oil), add shrimp and fry.

4. The surface of the shrimp is a little charred and crispy, just take it out.

5. Re-support the pot, add green garlic, ginger slices, millet spicy stir-fry until fragrant.

6. Add fried shrimp, add dark soy sauce, stir-fry sugar, and finally add green garlic leaves and stir-fry a few times.

Why are the seeds of ice shrimp black

Normal phenomenon.

Ice shrimp is an oviparous animal, ice shrimp shrimp roe is generally yellow, only some shrimp seeds are white, and some with black spots, these are normal biological phenomena, do not affect the edible, ice shrimp shrimp roe has small black spots, indicating that this is mature shrimp seed, not spoiled, is edible.

What are the calories of ice shrimp

Each 100 grams of ice shrimp contains 132 calories.

Ice shrimp is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and other components, the nutritional value is very high, the calories are not low, but moderate consumption of some ice shrimp can supplement nutrients for the body, good for health, if it is during weight loss or shaping, eating ice shrimp is also appropriate, because ice shrimp is rich in nutrients, can supplement energy for the body, beneficial to weight loss, nutritional supplements during shaping.

Can ice shrimp be eaten directly?

If it is an Arctic ice shrimp, it can be eaten directly after thawing, and other frozen shrimp need to be cleaned and cooked before eating.

Commercially available Arctic ice shrimp itself is cooked, cooked can sterilize and kill insects, on the other hand, because cooked shrimp after compression vacuum packaging, not easy to deteriorate, in the maintenance of better freshness and taste while also facilitating the transportation of ice shrimp, other shrimp are generally raw shrimp, it is recommended not to eat raw shrimp.

Arctic ice shrimp only need to be thawed, you can dip in sauce and eat, eat a little cold and cold taste, look pink and colored, and the meat is compact, the taste is sweet, it is a very delicious delicacy.

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