In 1956, in the south gate of China – Guangzhou, a national piano brand – Pearl River Piano came into being. After more than half a century of ups and downs, as the oldest brand under Zhujiang Piano Group, “Zhujiang” brand pianos have grown with the pace of New China, rising in the hot land of reform and opening up in the southern country, taking off in the economic tide at the turn of the century, forming the brand characteristics of excellent production, stable quality and quality service, and growing into a Chinese piano brand that customers know and love.

In the 80s of the 20th century, the “Pearl River” brand piano of Guangzhou Piano Factory has become a household name. Zhujiang Piano began to expand its attention from China to the world, taking the lead in attracting external brain transformation technology.

Mr. Kore, a well-known piano manufacturing process expert known as “Piano Bethune”, became the first technical consultant of Pearl River Piano, overseeing the entire manufacturing process, and gradually importing the core piano manufacturing technology for more than ten years. After that, Zhujiang Piano successively invited a large number of piano design masters such as Campbell and Mill from abroad, and cooperated with a number of international high-end musical instrument manufacturing enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes to establish a scientific and technological innovation system that focuses on independent innovation— introduces foreign intelligence— combines production, education and research.

In the continuous progress, Zhujiang brand piano has been more and more recognized, and has successively won domestic and international honors such as “China Famous Brand Product” and “MMR Annual Best Acoustic Piano Award” issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Famous musicians and pianists at home and abroad also praised the Pearl River piano. Mr. Lazar Bellman, the world-famous piano master, came to Guangzhou twice and insisted on choosing the Pearl River piano to hold a solo concert, he said that “the Pearl River piano has a very singing effect, can give people musical inspiration, and I like the Pearl River piano very much”, after a concert, he gladly inscribed on the selected Pearl River piano: “Pride of the piano”; Ms. Bao Huiqing, a famous pianist, believes that the Pearl River piano “has a beautiful timbre and pure sound quality, and the timbre of the high, middle and low outer vocal zones is relatively unified, and the vocal range is uniform, coherent and clear; The keyboard is responsive and pleasant to the touch, whether it is playing strong and powerful music or lyrical and beautiful songs, it has a relatively wide range of expression.”

So is there an official direct store of Pearl River Piano in Chengdu? No, at present, there are only direct stores of Zhujiang Piano Group in Guangzhou, and other areas are sold in the mode of agent distribution, at present, Chengdu regular Pearl River Piano has several stores such as Chengdu Zhiyin Piano City and Huaqiang Pearl River.

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