In addition to digging for old goods from the thrift market, there are many good ways for low-cost decorators, such as reusing waste products, changing the use of old furniture through functional transformation, and renovating old things through beautification… The transformation of old things often requires more wisdom and love, and in the homes of the experts we interviewed in the past, there are those who have transformed discarded spoons into lighting, and some have transformed old dressers into coffee tables, these transformation skills worth sharing, reawakening our thinking about material values, and rediscovering the beauty of home in recycling.

PART1 Tip 1: Reuse waste products

Discarded spoons are transformed into lights

Decoration Tips:

Two interesting spoon lamps, made of Japanese stainless steel spoons and common “fishing li” common in Hong Kong food stalls and energy-saving bulb welding, after turning on the lights, the hanging spoons are pushed layer by layer into a circle from large to small, emitting beautiful silver light.

Homemade soap dish

Discarded newspapers are converted into storage boxes

Don’t throw away old newspapers and old magazine pages, they can be transformed into storage boxes for crushed soap next to the sink.

Renovation of old wooden stakes

Discarded wooden stakes were transformed into balcony decorations

Old wooden stakes cut down and discarded in the village were picked up by Debi, repainted, placed potted plants, and taken by two rattan chairs to become natural decorations in the home.

Renovation of old fishing nets

Old fishing nets were transformed into balcony decorations

The balconies are a world of old furniture, old fishing nets repainted with chains, hung on dry peach trees to form a natural decoration.

Wine boxes are reused

Wine boxes that are not used are replaced with storage racks

Ask for spare empty wine boxes from wine merchant friends, these wine boxes are wooden and can be used for DIY transformation, some of which are nailed to the wall and transformed into shelves with storage and display functions.

Balcony storage shelves

Abandoned wooden ladders were replaced with flower trellises

Discarded wooden ladders and old wooden boards are re-nailed into multi-layer flower trellises, and then sprayed with white paint to become a practical and beautiful balcony storage shelf. A variety of cute green plants are placed in it, and the fresh and warm balcony corner is pleasant, and all the stress and troubles of work are released.

PART2 Tip 2: Functional transformation of old furniture

The dresser becomes a coffee table

The dresser was converted into a coffee table

When moving, Jingyi’s dresser was wet with water, so the table legs were rotten, and after cutting off a small section of the four table legs, it was repainted, and the dresser was used as a coffee table in the living room of the new home.

Two-door shoe cabinet

The coat rack was changed to a shoe rack

Two double-door shoe cabinets are combined into a large shoe cabinet, and a wooden board of the old coat rack is taken out and pasted on it, brushed with old white paint, and the old things brought back from travel are displayed on the shoe cabinet.

Retrofit TV cabinet

The locker was converted into a TV cabinet

The locker is transformed into a TV cabinet, the original storage cabinet has a total of five “holes”, each of which can be equipped with drawers in IKEA, and the matching ones are bought and assembled to become super large-capacity “TV cabinets”.

Retrofit shoe racks

The bookshelf was converted into a shoe cabinet

Isn’t it very good to transform the bookshelf into a display shoe cabinet, and the shelf above the bookshelf is removed and installed on the two door storage cabinets below, the upper part becomes a display area, and the lower part becomes a four-layer shoe rack.

PART3 TIP 3: Re-beautify and renovate old things

Old things beautify

Beautify old sewing machines and old cartons

The old sewing machine is draped with a new hand-sewn cloth, and the worn cartons are wrapped in new wrapping paper, and the “sketch set” is written on it, and the old cartons become small sorting boxes.

Wall remodeling tips

Beautify kitchen windows

Because it is an old-fashioned house, the kitchen is connected to the living room, and there are small windows above the wall, which is not very beautiful, Ami sewed a curtain from tie-dyed black linen, cleverly hidden the window, with trinkets and sideboards, to create the visual center of gravity of the restaurant.

Homemade cat scratch board

Shabby sofa landscaping

The back of the old sofa was scratched by the cat several holes, and the big coffee spread the printed cloth brought back from Yunnan travel on the back of the sofa, which not only covered the torn leather sofa, but also could be used as a “cat scratch board” for cats.

Shoe rack beautification

Old shoe rack beautification

The two shoe racks at the door are redecorated with self-sewn fabrics, and the simple large shoe rack is supplemented with a Japanese-style curtain from the train station, and the low shoe rack is covered with fine red and white plaid cloth to add a strong atmosphere of life.

Sew sofa cushions

Replace the seat cushion with a new cushion cover

Several coarse cloth blue print cushions were made by Ding Zi himself, adding a lot of primary and secondary main colors to this space.

Discarded spoons are transformed into lights

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