Girls still have to have a sense of ritual, how can there be a reason not to buy new clothes in the New Year? We are

New Year with new clothes, New Year and new atmosphere

, start with the cotton suit.

Today I will give you several Amway stores, which are not easy to collide, so let’s pick a warm one to welcome 2022~

His family’s clothes are loose, and he doesn’t make a lot of fuss about the shape of clothes, but focuses on it

Color matching and pattern design

on, there is a feature and it is over.


Although it looks unremarkable, the waffle’s sense of design has made it different from the common “glossy” cotton clothing on the market, and there is another

Love logo

Embellishment, simple and fashionable.

Men and women, black and white, arranging couple outfits is also a very good choice.

Patterned lamb hair

Lamb wool must also be out of the ordinary, although it is still an oversize style, but this one

Leopard print, cow print

It’s hard to bump the pattern.

It is also worth mentioning that the models in his family are not very thin, closer to it

Normal stature

, it is also more informative for everyone.

Fancy stitching

There are also splicing models of various materials, lamb wool patchwork, sweatshirt patchwork, cool and personal.

Various patterns

In addition, there are also a variety of items that can be called “complex”, although there are many patterns and colors, but they will not make people feel cluttered,

The color scheme is coordinated

The pattern is also full of innocence and fun.

His clothes are still quite recognizable, especially the cute and funny animal series, it’s really hard not to be moved!

Short coat for animal collections

There are little monkey coats printed with gingerbread men, and there are little bear coats that keep their necks warm.

The clasp is also made of a horn buckle, which is almost handled

“I’m so cute, come and wear me”

Tattooed up.

And it feels so good that it blows

Imitation rabbit hair tie-dye coat

, is an infinitely good rua, is an infinitely eye-catching, cute ghost must-have!

Long lamb wool cotton suit

The short coats of the animal series above have extended versions, and the cuteness is infinitely magnified.

However, their fluffiness is very heavy, and fairies with a large sense of feeling should still be cautious, otherwise it is easy to appear.”

Surprise! xx community highlights wild brown bears! ”

and other social news.

One thing, I really love this zebra coat, it’s fashionable enough, it’s eye-catching enough, it’s a real cow, just wear it!


The attentive fairy probably also found out that his family really loves to make long models,

Can be wrapped from head to calf

Moms are really loving.

The down jacket is of course no exception, it is still animal ears, but cute love and head.

It is worth mentioning that this laser series, you are sure that not a colorful and colorful one

Cyberpunk style

I think it is slightly pompous and the basic dinosaur long down jacket, which is low-key and a little special, and the eye-catching password is really mastered by it.

This one is going on the national tide, that is

Oversize, design, hip-hop

It always has to account for the same.

Glow-in-the-dark cotton clothing

From this dress, you can see that it is avant-garde and wide

No gender style

, cool

Luminous design

, to play is to be different, to play is to be maverick.

Clear bread serving

It is worth mentioning that this transparent cotton suit, full of labels eye-catching, full of future technology in outer space,

PVC craze

It’s really understood by it.

Baseball uniforms

To say that the popularity still depends on its baseball uniform, which has a high appearance rate on a short video platform, it can be said to be an Internet celebrity item.

In addition to the simple logo model, there is also a cute and explosive bear model, the color matching is also very small and fresh, and the girl’s heart is too good at it.

If you think the above style is too personal, then this store must be for you. It goes simple and advanced,

Incorporate pop elements into the design in a low-key way

, with texture and connotation.

Bubble down jacket

Although it is an oversize version, there are many crimping lines, and it is an H version,

Suppresses the sense of visual inflation

, the upper body will not be overly bloated.

And the bubble style will make it stand out from the sense of design, fashionable and special. And like this

Compartment filling is also not easy to run fleece

, keep warm and have no words.

Large quilt down jacket

Now the weather has become colder, the south is below zero, the indoor is cold, the outdoor is even more wet and cold, I can’t wait to go out wrapped in a big quilt, so the long down jacket must be my first choice for winter.

This one

Bathrobe style down jacket

It is precisely matched to my needs, wearing this walking quilt, I can still be just with the ghost weather in the south.

It’s easy to get bored if the minimalist style is not handled well, and it is equipped with a bathrobe-like design placket

Metal buckle open lemon belt

, the overall style is generous and elegant.

You don’t need to bother too much with it, slim bottoms and a pair of boots can get the urban cold breeze.

Fur coat

When the chessboard and lamb hair waves are wave after wave, it also gives these two top streams a wave of dream linkage.

The fashion of the checkerboard with the comfortable combination of lamb’s wool,

Cool and cute

The style is really sultry.

The black and white style will be a little cooler and more chic, and the style of coffee white will be softer.

The hem is also

Drawstring design

, windproof and warm, can be said to be a collection of appearance and strength.

Short coat for cows

The fit is still simple

Versatile crewneck cropped style

, very inclusive, do not pick a figure, tall, short, fat and thin can wear.

Although it is a basic model, the eco-friendly hair is soft and good rua to no, feminine and huge, proper

Lazy lady style

Various short models

There are also a variety of short models with great characteristics,

Not the kind of style that stunned at a glance

, but with a sense of design that makes people feel like you’re good at wearing it.

Urban beauty cares it all understands, who can bear it without being moved?

So many recommendations, are there any fairies in these stores that are favorites? You can tell Liya what other items you want in the message area, and I will arrange them one by one.

At the end of 2021, I hope the fairies can

Leave your worries for the year

, to believe that there is no hurdle that cannot be passed, 2022 is a new beginning!

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